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Photographs Dont lie?

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Neha was acting normal, the watched movie with Nikhil, had dinner, went for a evening walk, finished her chores and than they slept. But she couldn’t sleep, to she silently lay down, and waited for Nikhil to sleep.

At around 3AM, Neha get up grabbed a cup of coffee, sit on her favourite chair and enjoyed her coffee. Neha is all set to enter the attic but the stopped. She thought of something and quickly went back to her room and grabbed her instant Camera. She decided to click photos of every corner of the attic and grabbed the keys to open the lock.

Neha entered the attic. It was all dark and scary, she tried to switch on lights but it lights aren’t working. Before she turn her flashlight on, lights in the attic start flickering. And Neha stumbled again.

She sat on the chair and looked around in the flickering light, attic is completely different. All the old stuff is arranged so perfectly that it is giving the attic a whole new dimension. The old décor make the attic walls mesmerizing and Neha was shocked to realise the attic can easily accommodate one member.

In the flickering lights, Neha quickly started clicking pictures of attic to show to Nikhil. Neha murmered, he thought I am going crazy but these pics will make everything clear to him as well because photos don’t lie. She click multiple photos untill her camera film is over.

And than she came out, but while closing the door she saw someone in the attic and she fainted near the attic door.


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