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Read It To Rule It

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Nikhil asked Neha to get the book. He is very suspicious about how the book is ruling Neha’s life. He is unable to understand whatever she is saying.

Nikhil in his deepest thoughts thinking about this. How is all this possible? How can a book rule our life? Whatever Neha is saying, is that true? Or Neha is just hallucinating ? What’s going on?
Nikhil was all engrosed in his world of thoughts and questions when Neha called him.

Nikhil! Nikhil! NIKHIL!!!

Yes, Nikhil answered with an unusual flurry. And Neha sensed the discomfort.

Are you Ok Nikhil?

Yes, I am fine.. Did you find the book??
Yes, Here it is. We can read it later, you please rest for now.
No, we need to read it now because I cant let an random book rule our life. I want to read it because I want to rule the book and end all this mess in pur life. I want to get you out of your fears. This is important.
I understand that Nikhil, but you need to rest, I don’t want to see you loosing your sanity as I lost mine.
Don’t worry about me. I am fine. All this making me crazy and this has to end now. Look at yourself, you havent slept properly from last few days. There is fear written on your face 24X7.

Neha can see how all this is bothering Nikhil. But this time, there was a role reversal, Neha is trying to calm Nikhil down and this time Neha is the one who choosed to stay silent.

Let’s read the book, said Nikhil.

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