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Book Review : The Bestseller She Wrote

The Bestseller She Wrote
Author : Ravi Subramanian
Subject : Love, Betrayal, Redemption
Genre : Romance
Publisher : Westland Press
I was very happy when I received a mail stating that I had been selected to review Ravi Subramanian’s latest romantic novel “The Bestseller She Wrote”Thank You Team Blogadda and Ravi Subramanian for the signed copy.
Book Cover : A pure depiction of authors thinking is portrayed on the cover. Minimal but self explanatory design is captivating. Credits goes to design team.
Book’s Epigram & My Critique:
The book is about the journey of a girl ‘Shreya’ towards publishing of her debut novel ‘The Girl from Chhattisgarh’.  The story begins with an informal meeting of two of the main character of the book ‘Aditya’ and ‘Shreya’. The story takes different direction with time and lots of dramatic situation create due to love and betrayal which ended up redemption. The author has made nice efforts towards the subject, however at many points he has emphasized too much on the main character ‘Aditya’ that character’s reaction doesn’t sync with the content. The story speed up after a couple of chapters and develop the interest to continue.

The story starts with introducing the character Aditya, ‘author and a banker’ by profession. All focus made by the author was about his pros side. If any negative side is shown then it doesn’t look like. Aditya’s life is depicted as everything is happening well in his life as per his command (Example- A beautiful wife who has sacrificed her career, a college friend and colleague, the beautiful girl Shreya, all best seller books, all big contacts like- Anurag Kashyap). The character Aditya has been represented so smart that sometime it bores the reader. He is a successful banker on a higher position and an author. Considering his position, his involvement in the campus interview is difficult to digest. Does a person on a leading bank position has time for such activities like campus interview? Sanjay who is a good friend of Aditya and helped him throughout, left clues to Aditya in spite of sharing the same house that are sufficient to turn him a villain at the end, it surprises. As Sanjay’s character is shown, he doesn’t look so stupid, as he is also leading a position in the bank and struggling in life for his own love.
Shreya’s role in well depicted when she entices Aditya, as she has clear concern since the beginning to get her own best seller published. However the way Aditya behaves and accept her love proposal is indigestible.  Aditya admits his love for Shreya at many points in the book.  It confuses as he is shown a smart family man and a writer by profession, who can understand the difference between love and infatuation. It shows his desperateness towards the sex.  Aditya himself has mentioned to Shreya on many occasions that he loves his family but becomes perplexed after receiving phone call from her, is really odd.

Author has remarkably added very nice twist in the books that bind the interest till the end. Name a few – Aditya’s wife connection with the Ebola Virus,  Shreya’s way to force Aditya for the endorsement of her book on the basis of plagiarism, Aditya and Sanjay’s connection, last dramatic meeting of Aditya and Maya etc.

Author seems so involved in Aditya’s character that he made sure that Shreya would not write anything after her first best seller. That was not required, the feel is given that she considers herself equally guilty involving with Aditya. Seems like author related himself a lot with the character and revenged with Shreya by making sure that it was her first and last best seller published. It’s too harsh enforcement on the leading female character of the novel. Overall, it’s my first experience with Ravi’s writing and I would give this book 3.5 out of 5.

Best Buy : Amazon : Rs. 180/- or even less if offers still continue
                    Flipkart : Rs. 266/-

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