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Fun Freedom Confidence – Datsun redi-Go

Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.
                                                                                ~Erol Ozan

Whenever the wanderer in me thinks about or go for a new experience on a new path Erol Ozan’s quote always boost my enthusiasm. 

At any random point of time, wanderlust just overshadow me and that urge to travel make me crazy. I can’t stop myself, just take my car keys, my camera, next thing I remember is my car on road *Vroom Vroom*

I always believe, a journey is incomplete without a perfect partner (glad my darling hubby and my baby never disappoints me), a perfect camera (Woah I just got new one, my Canon 1300 D) and a perfect car ( yet to find)

I believe in getting out of my comfort zone with confidence,  have fun and freedom and surely want to have much more from life.  Always ready to do more and go as far as I can.  

I want a machine, that give me confidence,  sense of freedom and double my fun.

And here’s a new peppy drive for me and all those who think just like me(at least when car is concerned)

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban CrossDatsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.
A perfect car designed for today’s generation (referred as ready-to-go by Datsun), claims Datsun. With best Japanese technology, Datsun redi-Go is perfect combination of style and comfort.
More I got to know about redi-Go, more I fall in love with it. Stylish exterior, comfortable interior,,amazing performance. It’s a car to carve for.
Exterior :
Datsun redi-Go is beautifully designed, it’s wide, robust, impressive and have a sporty look. Forward styling on crossover gives it a new unconventional look. Touch of silver gives it an elite charm.
Interior :
With seating of five and extra luggage space it’s definitely a spacious and comfortable family car. Creatively designed dashboard increases the car beauty and digital tachometer add modern values to it and keep you informed about fuel economy.
Performance :
When I talk about car’s performance, first thing that comes to my mind is fuel economy and redi-Go comes with an impressive fuel economy of 25.17Km/L. Amazing isn’t it, my long journey’s are going to be easy on my pockets.  
With many more features like 5 speed manual transmission, drive computer, shift indicator and powerful air-conditioning it’s going to be a perfect car.
With so many amazing features, I just want to to drive the beautiful redi-Go to beautiful Darjeeling (in my list of places to visit in India, it’s on top). Other than being one of my favorite place in India, I feel driving to the hilly areas, definitely test the machine the best. I want to test it for fuel economy, comfort during a long drive, small turning radius in hilly routes and safety for sure.
Urban Driving Blues will vanish with Datsun redi-Go. Beautiful exterior will give me confidence, comfortable interior will give a sense of freedom and powerful performance will add fun to my drive.

Its time to say bye to Driving Blues and say hello to Datsun redi-Go. 

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