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Signature Abaya Luxe – By Designer Rajdeep Ranawat

This Ramadan, Rajdeep Ranawat conjures up a limited collection of Abayas in his signature engineered digital prints on luxurious fabrics encrusted in genuine crystals from Swarovski, with bold prints and colors. With a taste for luxury fashion, this collection is an excitement development for the Abaya wearers. 
The limited edition range inspired by his famous Spring Summer 2016 collection titled “Kanjaari”, the essence of Kutch, is an amalgamation of intricate artworks from motifs of nature entwined with the gorgeous embroideries of Kutch as fine and delicate print. Beautiful embroidery works are embellished on the necklines and cuffs of Abayas in various patterns and colors. 
There is extensive use of elegant colors like gold silver and copper color. The colorful prints and motifs look even more alluring with Swarovski crystals in different colors like ruby, topaz, golden shadow, aquamarine and turquoise 
Unique designs with different patterns and in different colors make a statement dress for the young women. Furthermore the Abayas come with a matching Sheila (scarf/wrap) in the same print to complete the ensemble. 
This Ramadan they highlight the women to adorn the new range of Abayas designed by Rajdeep Ranawat which only create a novel fashion statement in society and take away from the boring monochromes that have always been a part of their wardrobe.
Available at: 24 Meherchand Market Lodhi Colony, New Delhi 
Buy Online : www.exclusively.com

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