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Product Review : Learn, Play And Shop With CG Slate

Gadgets for kids – Yay or Nay?
A simple question that can lead to unending debate. Every parent have their point of view regarding this and every viewpoint is valid.
Being a mommy of 2.5 years old boy, I always support gadgets for kids as I believe limited use of it definitely helps mental development and quick learning.
For the parents who favour Gadgets for their kids, here comes a new gadget especially designed for your kids to help them learn with fun. And for those parents who don’t favour gadgets for kids, I will assure you by the end of this Blogpost, you will surely think about it again.

Proud Parents,
Are You Concerned About Your Child’s Mental Development?
Does Your Kid Watch TV alot?
Did Your Child Steal Your Gadget Away And Play Game With Ease And Perfection?
Are You Concerned About Your Kids Studying Pattern?
Is Your Kid Among Those Who Always Leave A Lesson Incomplete?
Do You Want Making Learning A Fun Experience For Your Kids?

If you have answered one or more question above with a ‘Yes’, just keep on reading for some good news.
Gadgets are surely helpful for your kids’ development and in this gadget-savvy era, we can’t deny it but still it has problems associated with it and make your decision about giving gadgets to your children difficult, isn’t it?

Being Parents, what is your concern while your kiddo is using a gadget or surfing net,
Inappropriate content?
Playing games more than studying?
Tracking what your kid is doing?
Over use of gadget by your kid?

Let me introduce you to a Tablet designed just for your kids –  CG Slate By ConveGenius.

What is CG Slate?
CG Slate is a complete, low-cost, premium educational tablet for children between the ages 3 and 12 years. The crux of the product is captured in these three words ‘Learn, Play, Shop’, and these are represented by the three available zones on CG Slate, the Learn Zone, the Play Zone, and the Shop Zone.

C- Complete Educational Tablet mapped to NCERT curriculum.
G- Gamification of Learning- making it fun & rewarding
S- Safety first approach with Restrictive Ecosystem and advanced parental controls.
L- Learning Outcome-based with automatic SMS/Email reports
A- Adaptive Learning, for a personalized  learning experience
T- Technology for learning based on latest scientific research
E- Economical Solution costing only Rs. 7499/- (for 1st 5000 parents)

CG Slate’s learn zone has premium content in form of videos, interactive books, games and worksheets.The content comes preloaded on the 32 GB SD card, so no Internet is required in the Learn Zone. Two versions are available, one for grades K-2 and another one for grades 3-5.

CG Slate converts learning objectives into levels and stages, and associates them with real life applications, and rewards the child. It also helps parents keep a track of their child’s learning outcome with data analysis and comprehensive reporting according to time spent per topic, assessment results, subject and chapters studied and Keep parents updated via messages and emails.
CG Slate is an awesome innovation by ConveGenius.

My son is just 2.5 years but the interactive CG Slate made him crazy. It’s super easy to handle. While he enjoyed rhymes on the CG Slate, what I loved the most is lovely interactive videos, and the best part is you can’t see the next video until you finish the first one. It restrict kids from skipping a lesson. A cute buddy for your kids – Titu, is there to guide your children in their Learn, Play And Shop Journey with CG Slate.

Little Sonny Learning With CG Slate 

CG Slate a partner in your kids educational yet fun journey is exclusively available at Flipkart. Check out this link -> http://goo.gl/N3Tzvv , to grab a CG Slate for your kid.

CG Slate is powered by Lenovo’s Tab 2 A7-20 Tablet to make learning experience more awesome. The final box for contains, few goodies for your child in addition to the tablet which includes -A coaster set (4 pieces), Titu Stickers, Titu Name Slips, and a Titu Bookmark, that come in a colourful goodie bag.

CG Slate is a must buy to provide your child with a edutainment platform where he can Learn, Play And Shop. Know more about CG Slate at www.cgslate.com

PS: Check out my unboxing video here:

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