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Book Review : A Window Seat By Vishala Katta

A Window Seat

Author : Vishala Katta
Subject  : Fiction
Publisher : Frog Books 

Book’s Epigram & My Critique : This
main story revolves around the three characters, Stalin, Kuhu and a boy Hari, who
coincidentally met in a train. During the journey they get to know about each
other. Hari is a boy who has lost his parents during the train journey, so he kept on searching them
in every train. He is living like an orphan boy who is searching for his
parents in the trains and railway stations. There he met with a young passenger
Stalin who rescue him from the mob and fed him. There some situation occurs where
the passenger in the train started calling him ‘bisleri baba’.  Later they both met with Kuhu, the girl who
was supposed to catch a train for Mumbai but mistakenly boarded the opposite
train. It’s her first train journey, she is very straight forward and clear
about her goals in life. She comes to know that Stalin is a rich guy so she
convince him to give her some money and help her to meet with the Film
Director. Stalin is also struggling with Cancer and waiting for some kind of
miracle. Later in one of the station when they all get down and some incident
happened at the bank of river Ganga and after that all got separated. In the
beginning of the story these three characters met in an orphanage where after
narrating this story by Kuhu, they all recognizes each other.

storyline is not very strong but kept on rotating among different scenes. Few
things were very odd like how a ten years old boy is not able to remember his
parents and home address. Why a family sent to their one day newlywed daughter-in-law in the funeral of their family member in Mumbai, which is quite
indigestive. People who are travelling in the AC class, started behaving like a
typical rural people by calling Stalin a baba by just saying a few religious
words by him. India is full of such so called knowledgeable people who spread
this type of knowledge whenever they get chance that doesn’t mean they will get
a religious recognition everywhere. Over all the story is not very depth and
impressive but well composed and worth reading once.

Rating : 2.5/5

Best Buy : Amazon : Rs. 250/- Paperback, 

                                    Rs. 175/- Kindle


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