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Product Review : Terra Real Vegetable Chips – Real Blend Of Exotic Flavours

Our tastebuds
always need some change, some exotic flavours are needed time to time to make
them happy. For my tastebuds and ofcourse me snacks are must have in my day to
day life, thats why chips are always a must in my grocery list. But I
always  feel only potato chips are quite monotonous though multiple
flavours available and i always keep searching for that perfect snack to munch
over thats not just potato.

While my search was on a beautiful black box arrived at my home
stating “An Exotic Experience Awaits You”  

Never thought a
black box can spread so many colours around. A dull day becomes bright and
tiring day get the spark. The box arrives at my new home and we all are tired
as we are still settling down. Perfect timing I must say.

The exotic experience includes some healthy snacking options by Terra – Real Vegetable Chips.
Yummy, healthy gourmet snacking to get rid of the tiredness was in my hand.

While my little son grabbed The Terra Blues (He liked the
colour) and started munching. Soothing flavours of sea salt and crisp chips of
naturally blue potatoes looked yummy and tasted yummier. ( We get to taste
only, little sonny refused to share much)

My hubby out of
curiosity checked the ingredients and was excited to taste exotic vegetable
chips made of veggies like parnship, Taro, Sweet potato, yuca ,batata. He
demanded a cup of tea which was so damn needed.
While in kitchen
, being tired and hungry and unable to cook muck as the kitchen was yet not
perfectly arranged, i decided to make some salad to go well with the chips.
With limited resources available i decided to try Corn salad. Corn Salad with
mild flavours  (i just dont want my salad to hide the flavour of chips)

A simple combination of corn, chopped onion, tomato, green
chilles , coriander leaves topped with lemon juice salt and pepper and my salad
is ready.

Mild flavours of
salad was an add on to exotic flavours of chips.
Terra Real Vegetable Chips comes up with rich exotic flavours and
beautiful colors of vegetables make it look so delicious. 
Trust me opening a bag of terra chips is the first step towards
unique, delicious , healthier and exotic snacking. This is by far the best way
to look at vegetables.

Sea salt, herbs and hint of lemon gives that exotic taste while beautiful look
of chips make it more tempting.

Me and my family especially my son, are in love with
flavours and uniqueness of veggies in Terra Chips. Do try the delicacy and
enjoy the awesome taste of healthy snacking.

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