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Tech Guide – Different Browsers Available In The Market

Internet is a big evolution in technology with lots of browsers available with awesome features and properties. Its time to know the most used browsers these days.

Google Chrome –
Google chrome is mostly used in India for Net Browsing. It’s a Google’s product hence works very well in all the google searches that we execute. It has broad compatibility with different languages that are used in website creation/ publishing. Google chrome is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Now 32 bit systems are getting out of date and 64 bit are capturing all the new market as they are equipped with the latest technology and other supporting elements. The latest version of chrome for 64 bit available is 48.0.2564.109.

Mozilla Firefox –
Firefox is used as a browser mostly outside India. Indians also use it but chrome is more popular here than Firefox. Those who love Firefox, don’t want to use any other browser. It has in-build (default) feature to open the web page in the new tab. Firefox helps you to search whatsoever you are searching, by pre-loaded search engines for Google, Yahoo!, Amazon, eBay etc.. You can enter the search item and selected search engine starts searching for you. There are many other facilities available that will make you fell in love with this browser. Mozilla Firefox is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Latest version available is 50.0.2.

Internet Explorer –
This is the default browser that comes with Microsoft Windows. People very less use this browser as it comes with basic features. However there are many settings that are not available with other browsers hence officially only IE is allowed in most of the companies. Few of the features are Visual Search Provider, improved security, pinning web sites to Windows task bar etc.. You can monitor the performance impact of all the add-ons and encourages users to disable those that slow the things down. It supports only Windows (32 and 64 bit) as it’s a component of Window. Latest available version is 12.0.

Safari –
This browser is a default browser of Macintosh OS, like IE is for Windows. It works only with Apple gadgets. It was first released in 2003, while its mobile version was released in 2007 with the introduction of iPhone. It provide various features like URL path navigation, activity window, inline dictionary, selection to speech etc.. Previous version of Safari had also supported the Windows OS but now it doesn’t support Windows any more. Latest available version in the market is 10.0.

Opera –
Opera desktop browser is not very popular in comparison of others but its mobile version is used widely by the mobile industry. It has features like Speed dial, Tab arrangement & placements, animated themes. The biggest feature it has is integrated ad blocker. ‘Opera Mini’ is a web browser designed for mobile phones, smartphones and personal digital assistants. Latest opera version available in the market is 41.0.2353.69.

Edge –
Edge is the new browser introduced by Microsoft with the release of Windows10. It has many features but that are limited to Windows 10 version like, it can use Cortana as a search assistance, Microsoft Edge allows you to add your own web notes to a web page. You can select the theme of your choice to darken or lighten the screen, you can analyzing a site’s performance etc.. You can say that with this Microsoft has created a strong competition in the market. How long will the Edge run, only time will show but with time market is going to be very competitive.

Vivaldi –
It is a combination of Opera and Chrome by taking best features from each. It is equally useful for the regular and powerful users. Here powerful refers to the users who like fast navigation, smarter browsing, clever bookmarking, shortcuts etc. that a regular user hardly uses. Few of its features are fast and refined control, visual bookmark, session handling capability, concurrent web pages (side by side) etc.. It supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux platform. Its latest version available in the market is 1.6.689.32.

P.S. Please make a note that different versions mentioned with each browser type meant to be changed with time or as product owner/s releases their new version.

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