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This Valentines, Say it with Tea ~ Valentine’s Day special from Teabox

Giving flowers and chocolates again? Stop being monotonous every
season of love. Why not be as original as your love and add a new personal
Say it with something you love. For all the tea lovers, the love for tea
is the unending. So, this Valentine’s Day, say
you love with tea
. Be classic and add the flavours of love to it, as
there is nothing like Tea for two. And two for tea. 
Inspired by attraction, the Teabox Valentine’s special gift boxes
contain premium tea blends in delicate glass vials to be sipped and
shared…together. Pick your favourite from a range of delicate, flavourful
tea selections, that captures a certain sense of ideal – an ideal story, an
ideal mood or just an ideal way of being. It endures for much the same reason –
it brings us back to a place or a feeling where everything makes perfect sense.

Take a pick from the gorgeous selection with of magical mixes that
ranges from the enchanting rose tea for love, a nutty blend for togetherness, a
fruity oolong for passion and a chocolate tea for togetherness, it’s everything
you would want to convey to that special someone. Pick your perfect gift
on: https://www.teabox.com/valentines-day
In this season of love, come together over cups of tea … and celebrate
the love that binds you together.
This season, celebrate Valentine’s Day every day with Teabox. Teabox gifting collections is going to be
best and unique gift for you love who love tea. Starting from INR. 600/- – INR 3500/- Available at https://www.teabox.com/valentines-day
Gift in a unique way, and celebrate love while sipping your favourite
cup of tea and creating memories with it.

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