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Tech Guide – MS-Word Simplified

We all use MS-Word. Here is a quick guide to Simplify MS-Word little more.

Changing Default Font in MS Word 

Whenever you work on MS Word document you make some changes in the font that you want to use but the moment you close the document, your all the settings are gone. You have to reselect the font of your choice every time to work with your document. MS Word provides you the   functionality to personalize the font of a newly opened document. To change the default Font style follow the following steps –

1)  Click on the small arrow in the bottom-right corner of the Font Settings group in MS Word

2)  Make the desired font and style selection.

3)  Once you are done with your choices click on ‘Set as Default’ button on the left bottom corner of the box.  Click ok.

Type in the middle or anywhere in the document 

Whenever we open any word document the cursor is set and align at the left side of the page leaving the default margin. What if we need to start writing leaving 4 lines from the top and 2 tab space from the left? The answer is very simple. No matter which area of the Word you would like to start just place your mouse there and double click and all done. The cursor will start blinking there and you can continue start writing.

 Command to automatically open the latest closed word

Click on the Start button and then type the following command in the “Search Programs and Files” box:
Winword.exe /mFile1

Finding and replacing images 

If we have multiple images in any document that we need to remove them it becomes a tedious task, but what if we need to replace them with a different one, we started sweating. Positioning and aligning images needs lots of attention. If you have ever faced such situation and did not get any solution then here is a solution for you which will help to replace the images quickly like we play with words. Here are the steps

1) Open the MS-Word document in which replacement is to be done

2)    Insert a new image at the top
of the document.

3)  Select the newly inserted image and press Ctrl+C to copy.

4)   Now delete the newly inserted image.

5)   Press Ctrl+H to open Find and Replace box

6)    Put ^g in the Find what box and ^c in the Replace with box

7)    Click on replace All. All the images will be replaced.

   Inserting dummy Sample or Text in MS Word 

Sometime we need to fill up some dummy text in the MS Word document. We just fill any random text in the MS word to hold the place that can later be replaced with some sensible information. MS
Word has a feature to quickly fill such information in a smarter way and the information looks sensible. Use the following functions to fill the information
=rand(paras, lines)

For example – [=rand(7,10)] <press space
or enter after the command>

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