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Ozone Organic Advantage Presents Nutritious Food For Hairs – Novex

A Good Hair Day Is Never A Myth,
I Always Want To Stick To It.
As My Crown(Hairs) Is My Real Glory,
This Is My Happy Hair Story 😍

31st July indeed marks a day of transformation for my hairs hence me. Hairs change your entire persona and charm. On 31st July, I along with a few bloggers attended a Bloggers Meet at Meghna Salon, Green Park.


This bloggers meet is to know more and experience, all new hair spa range -Novex – It Contains Shampoo and hair mask in 4 different variants Keratin, Bamboo, Argan oil and olive oil.


And there starts my transformation journey. I was in the worst hair condition, thanks to a recent hair product I used. My hairs were rough, frizzy, dull, damaged and hairfall was at max (damn, i was hating my hairs)


After checking my hairs, we reliased my hairs major problem is breakage and dullness. So they suggested me to try two variants of Novex products together to treat both problems simultaneously.
So First Step was hair wash, they used Novex Argan Oil Shampoo. Argan Oil is a powerful  moisturizer and natural anti oxidant that fights harmful particles for  hair. And I really felt my hair frizzfree to a great extent after hairwash only and my hairs felt smooth when I move my fingers in my hairs.Novex

Next step was application of Nutrire – its a oil and leave for 10mins, its really very nourishing and indeed a professionls secret.Novex

After 10minutes with Nutrire, they applied Bamboo Sprout Hairmask on my hairs to maintain my hair breakage and naturally strengthen my dull hair and let it sit for 15-20minutes on my hairs. Novex dont suggest using steam for hair spa.

After 20minutes of Bamboo Sprout Hairmask on my hairs, a thorough hair rinse ia done followed by blow dry and I can see and feel the shiney smooth hairs after that.Novex

Last part of my transformation was haircut. I was given a haircut suitable to manage my hair quality and style to suit my personality.


Its was indeed a transformation day and I m loving my new look. My heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Vinay Kumar, Regional Technician Novex, for giving me an entire new look. I owe the shine of my crown glory to him and Novex.Novex

I got hair spa many time and it all gone in 2-3 days or after first wash. But with Novex its different, after 5days and hairwash, my hairs shine is and smoothness is intact and the glory of my crown is still perfect.

A day well spent, met few very lively and kind hearted people and made new friends.


Having said all this, and taking u all to my amazing tranformation journey. I would love to introduce you all with Ozone Organics Advantage and Novex.

About Ozone Organic Advantage
Skin is often the first indication of good health and a good life. Skin is the like the Ozone layer of our body which protects it from the outside world, thus at Ozone, Skin Care holds a special place for our purpose of well being. Ozone aims to build on the ancient principles of Ayurveda and combine it with the knowledge of cutting edge science to create exceptional beauty and skin care products.Novex
Ozone offers a range of premium products & treatment kits with organic actives for professional use; these products include age and skin specific facial treatments, along with other professional services. Ozone Professional Range provides skin care with a certified ‘organic advantage’ to respect, restore and strengthen the skin barrier for healthier, radiant and younger looking skin. Ozone products are carefully curated to honour the skin with effective results. At Ozone, we believe that great skincare nourishes the skin. We do not use harsh chemicals or fillers in our skincare. We do use a myriad of natural ingredients and organic extracts.

About Novex
Novex is a very nutritious deep conditioning system developed to treat the hair and restore its shine and smoothness. Its formula is enriched with Vitamin E, the main component for strength and hair growth. With salon professional quality, Novex products are suitable for all hair types and are consumer friendly. Novex is the most known Brazilian hair care worldwide and it can be found in over 45 countries in 6 different languages. The hair care deep treatment is essential to restore the hair’s natural moisture, shine, and smoothness. It is also used to recondition the hair following chemical treatments, such as straightening, relaxing, colouring, and excessive heat tools. The continuous deep treatment is the key to maintain healthy, shiny, silky and soft hair.

• Nutritious food for hair
• Number one hair care brand in Brazil
• Available in over 4.5 countries world wide
• 100% original Brazilian product
• Natural ingredients
• Product enriched with Vitamin E
• Works for specific hair types and needs

Novex Bamboo Sprout Brittle & Weak Hair- With super-concentrated active ingredients from Bamboo and enriched with a mixture of amino acids, minerals and Vitamin A, B, and C. Novex Bamboo Sprout is Ideal for hair that needs extra an extra dose of strength and growth. It was especially developed to naturally strengthen the hair and stimulate the root for growth.Novex

Novex Brazilian Keratin reconstruction treatment- Keratin is the primary protein found in the hair particles and is essential for a healthy hair. 70-80% of the keratin in your hair is lost due to heat tools, sun rays, pollution and chemicals. The protein of keratin reinforces the structure of the hair shaft, restoring shine and natural movements without removing curls or waves.Novex

Novex Argan Oil Replishment Treatment- Enriched with pure Argan Oil from Morocco and Vitamin E. Novex Argan Oil is a powerful moisturizer and natural anti oxidant that fights harmful particles for your hair. The final result is no more split ends, fizziness or dry dull hair.Novex

Novex Olive Oil Rejuvenation Treatment- With an innovative formula using the finest Olive Oil and Vitamin E. Novex Olive Oil treats dry hair, combining deep protection, hydration and nutrition. It was specifically developed to provide all shine protection and life to your hair.Novex

Novex is indeed nutritious food for your hair, it will help you retain and even regain the shine and smoothness of your hairs. Check out your nearest salon if they provide novex hair spa or buy the amazing products from Ozone Organic Advantage Website. Because am just loving my hairs, I suggest you all to give it a try and fall in love with your hairs all again.

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  1. Wow! I loved the hair transformation that you underwent. I face a hair problem too, so this is perfect post for me.

  2. Your hair transformation was truly beautiful. Frizzy hair really takes away the beauty of any look. Thank you for sharing 😊

  3. wow!!! the transformation of hair is so evident. i’m facing the same problem with my hair so would certainly try it. Thanks for sharing

  4. Wooww!! You really got a hair makeover. Novex appears to be very good. I would like to try Keratin range on my hair, may be on my appointment with my hair-dresser.

  5. The transformation is so visible after your hair treatment. Even I have frizzy hair, it looks like a good place to get hair treatment.

  6. Amit must have fallen in love all over again looking at that amazing transformation. Novex is here to stay in the long run. I am sure their customer base will also increase many folds…

  7. What an amazing transformation you looking stunning totally . Must say Novex is the best for hair.

  8. wow i am seriouslly loving their service… going to visit them soon

  9. Wow love the transformation of your hair. Great job done by these professionals. It looks like a perfect place for me

  10. Waoh, totally Loving the transformation. Will definitely check this brand Novex. Seems very exciting.

  11. I too have a great experience . I am loving Novex hair spa treatment

  12. This spa is new to me .. m loving ur new hair transformation journey.. so tempted to try this hair spa .. I totally need it.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this insightful post. Glad I stumbled on your wonderful detailed blogpost.
    Keep up the good work.

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