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DuPont Nutrition & Health Explains The Power Of Soy Protein 

As we all know that protein makes an important part of our daily dose of nutrition and is an important component of every cell in the body. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Protein is the main building element of most of the body structures. Knowing the benefits of protein and its different sources, When I got an opportunity to join the bloggers meet by DuPont Nutrition & Health and Ebix India, to learn about benefits and power of Soy Protein, I felt privileged to join in and was super excited for it.

On 29th September 2018, I got a privilege to be a part of Bloggers Meet By DuPont and Ebix India to talk and learn about benefits of Soy Protein in presence of Mr. Indranil Chatterjee, Mrs. Karuna Jaikrishna & Mr. Sujith Sathyadas from DuPont Nutrition & Health and Dr. Namita Nadar from Fortis Hospital.

Soy protein intrigued me a lot because I love soy in my food, be it soybeans cooked in our traditional Uttrankandi Recipes or soy chunks or soy flour in our food. Been eating Soy products since my childhood, I so wanted to know about the benefits of soy protein.

What Is Soy Protein?
Soy Protein is high-quality plant-based complete protein, which means it delivers all the essential amino acids in an appropriate amount to support growth and development. Soy protein has its unique health benefits and is must need across the lifespan.


Soy Protein – Where Does It Come From?As we all know and can even tell by the name that soy protein comes from Soybean.

  • Composition Of Soybean.
  1. Soybean contains only 36% of protein.
  2. Rest part contains mono & oligosaccharides, dietary fiber, oil and other content like moisture and ash.


Isolated Soy Protein Is Simply Protein Portion Of The Soybean, Separated And Isolated From Rest Of The Protein.

Isolated soy protein contains the highest amount (~ 90%) of protein as compared other soy products.

Soy is a high-quality protein – PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score)

PDCAAS is the globally recognized method for determining protein quality based on Amino Acid profile and digestibility.


DuPont Danisco Isolated Soy Protein has a PDCAAS Score Of 1.00. Soy protein is comparable to high-quality animal protein and is the only widely available high-quality plant-based protein. Soy protein is low in fat and saturated fat and because it is from a plant its both lactose and cholesterol free.

Soy Protein Support Health Across The Lifespan.

  • Soy formulas are fortified with vitamins and minerals to deliver essential nutrition for kids growth and development.
  • Soy protein-based dairy alternatives are a great alternative for children who are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy.
  • A combo of soy protein, whey, and casein, helps build and maintain muscle mass while providing all the amino acids & nutrients.
  • Soy protein as a part of the calorie controlled diet can help in weight management by helping you feel fuller for longer.
  • Soy protein as a part of an exercise program can help you preserve lean muscle mass.
  • 25gms of soy protein as a part of a low cholesterol diet may reduce the risk of heart disease.


DuPont Danisco SUPRO Soy Proteins Are Good For Child Nutrition.

  • It meets the protein and amino acid needs of children age 3+
  • It also helps in establishing healthier eating habits.
  • It also helps children in managing healthy body weight.

DuPont Danisco SUPRO Soy Protein Is Suitable For Muscle Health.

  • It is very effective for building muscles.
  • Soy, whey and casein proteins blended properly may help in increasing anabolic window for increased growth and maximize muscle building.
  • After workout consumption of Soy-Dairy blend prolongs the muscle anabolism.

Soy Protein Also Helps In Weight Management.

  • It increases satiety and aids weight loss.
  • It also helps in retention of fat-free mass.
  • It also improves weight management and aid in the loss of fat during calorie restriction.
  • It also helps in decreasing abdominal mass during weight loss.

Consuming soy protein as a part of low cholesterol diet, reduces the risk of heart disease and have some good impact on lipids.

Soy Protein Also Addresses Risk Factors With Aging.

  • It is very helpful in muscle loss and fat accretion (popularly known as Sarcopenia)
  • It improves the diversity of gut microbiota
  • It also helps in overcoming anabolic resistance and support muscle in the aging.
  • It also helps in improving lipid levels and insulin sensitivity.
  • It even supports liver health.

Goodness and health benefits of soy protein are numerous. The intriguing session by DuPont Nutrition & Health gave me a detailed insight into the benefits of soy protein. I m surely going to include soy protein to my daily diet.

About DuPont Nutrition And Health.

Dupont nutrition & health is a business unit of DowDuPont with in-depth knowledge of food and nutrition and provides probiotics, pharmaceutical excipients, system, emulsifiers, and protein solution. DuPont nutrition & health’s science and knowledge help manufacturers create food with a higher nutrition profile by reducing fat, salt and sugar or by providing additional protein. Doing that while at the same time creating a project that affordable for consumer and addresses the need for convenience in their busy life takes very specialized know-how, and that’s where DuPont nutrition and health at an incredible value.

Disclaimer: Soy proteins are full of health benefits. Do consult a doctor before adding soy protein to your diet.

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