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Skillmatics – A Fantastic Way To Build Skills

Skillmatics was started with the clear concept of developing innovative products and games for children. It aims at teaching the children the basic key concepts that too through play and in a fun filled way. I loved the concept and thus decided that it is the thing or an enriching experience that I need to have for my kiddo, and trust me this decision of mine has proved its worth. My kid is learning so much and that to without knowing or realizing that there is pressure on him to learn. In a very relaxed way they learn and enjoy their time. It keeps them occupied and keeps them away from mobile or tablets.


The products from skillmatics include write and wipe activity sheets that has 6 double-sided activity mats, 2 skilly billy pens, a duster cloth and I skilly billy achievement certificate. It focuses on learning through playing with 12 or more engaging and repeatable activities. It helps the kids in learning problem solving, creative thinking, reading, observation, logical thinking, focus, attention, estimation, and comprehension. The various sets or products from skillmatics are fun filled and teach so much to kids even without putting any pressure on the kids or their parents. The products are designed for specific purposes and for the specified age group, thus you need to grab all the products so that your kids are learning and enjoying their time. Most importantly when they are working with the on products they bond with you, or their siblings or friends in a whole new way.

Here is the list of few products that I have for my son:
I can write: Patterns, strokes, alphabets, numbers writing words, colours, shapes, body parts, creating sentences are dealt with in this kit. As the name suggests the kit focuses on teaching the kids how to write and help then develop their muscles and also strengthen their muscles that is used to write. The kit though will be used for very time by ids but the benefits that it will give the kids will remain with them for years to come.
Preschool champion: It inculcates knowledge about alphabets, number names, count/ add, time, routines colors, shapes, fruits, vegetables and everything that as per curriculum a 3 to 6 year old preschool going child should be aware off. It is very meticulously planned and executed kit that mares a preschooler aware of his surrounding and quenches their thirst of questions. So if you have a toddler who forever has questions for you then this is the kit to keep him occupied.

Interactive stories: Stories, who does not love them, and even after we grow up do not we love and fondly remember the stories that we had heard as little child. The stories had shaped our characters and helped us grow. This is the same thing that this kit does and beyond this it this product builds child’s interest in drawing and doodling, opposites, patterns, sequence and even counting till 40. It helps the child in building their moral values and inculcates a good habit of reading in them which will remain them with forever.
Transport: It focuses on child’s learning key aspects of 30 plus transport vehicles, modes of transport, professionals, traffic rules, counting numbers 1-25, 3 and 4 letter words but all in a fun way. We always want that our kids learn constantly and are aware of their surrounding and this product does the same. It enriches their knowledge about the vehicles and traffic rules.
Dots and mazes: The pack is just set on its mission to work on child’s visuals, tracking and observation skills and through the activities it focuses on child’s memory and their ability to recall the sequences. The dots and mazes are to be enjoyed by kids and find solutions.
Shapes and patterns: Recognition of 6 basic shapes, 5 advanced shapes, shapes around us that we see in our daily lives, pattern recognition counting and drawing. This helps the child in identification and drawing of not only shapes but also some of the basic objects and if practice done on regular basis they can master the art of drawings as it helps them to shape the flows of pencil.
Boredom buster: It teaches about drawing numbers, 1-20 counting, 3 letter words, animals, food we eat. Basically it tries to make the things around us very interesting. Thus if ever your child is getting bored and you are running out of ideas to entertain your child in a constructive way that to without any gadgets then this product is there to help you.
Math master: It focuses on problem solving, critical thinking, estimation, decision making, concentration and this aspects helps in learning functions of maths, times table, data handling, and above all master the tricks of maths. It helps in building child’s basic foundation for maths that will help them when they need to solve complex questions of maths in higher classes.

It has wide range of educational games, that have highly engaging content, that helps in building core cognitive skills in children. The educational aids assist children in learning and problem solving from a very young age. The games are full of fun ad it keeps them occupied and assists them in holistic learning. Also, the packaging is travel friendly and can be carried, thus even during travel your kids are busy and having fun.

The skillmatics has been designed and approved by International standards and focuses on building the fine motor skills and cognitive skill of the child. It does al in fun way and learning when done in fun way while playing it enhances the learning and makes the child interested in learning and not get bored of it. This sort of learning stays with the child for ages and builds a strong foundation in the formative years of the child.

Dont miss the chance to make your kids learn through play. Skillmatics is a fantastic way to build skills and is easily available on amazon and their official website. Grab you pandora box of learning and fun.

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  1. This look very useful and interesting

  2. Great… This looks like a complete set of activities for growing children, I was also looking such kind of educational boxes and thankfully after reading this post I know what I need to buy.

  3. Skillmatic looks promising for young learners. I absolutely love the educational content and innovative design. It is great that these mats are reusable. The Interactive stories instantly grabbed my attention, let me try for my daughter.

  4. This is really a great way to engage young minds. Getting them hooked at a place and having learning at their best. I will check it for my son too, I am sure he would love it.

  5. Skillmatic looks amazing for children. I will recommend this to my sister for her kid.

  6. This is amazing! Skillmatics is the easiest way to teach kids in the fun way. I have a hard time teaching my daughter who will start her preschool soon about shapes, numbers, alphabets etc. Will look up these products

  7. This seems to be a complete solution for pre-schoolers and early primary goers needs. I am going to definitely check this out for my son. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I just love all the options that they have included! What a fun way to engage, teach and develop a child. Definitely fun for the parents too to help the child with such exercises 🙂

  9. Skillsmatics is going to be useful for kids. I think I should get this for my nephew. It would help him in learning.

  10. Yes! I only recently discovered Skillmatics! They have such variety and comprises of variety of things to engage kids in. Wish we had such creative ways of learning growing up too

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