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Book Review – The Vault Of Vishnu By Ashwin Sanghi

Book Review – The Vault Of Vishnu

Author : Ashwin Sanghi

Genre : Fiction

Publisher : Westland

Book Blurb :

A Pallava prince travels to Cambodia to be crowned king, carrying with him secrets that will be the cause of great wars many centuries later.

A Buddhist monk in ancient China treks south to India, searching for the missing pieces of a puzzle that could make his emperor all-powerful.

A Neolithic tribe fights to preserve their sacred knowledge, oblivious to the war drums on the Indo-China border.

Meanwhile, far away in the temple town of Kanchipuram, a reclusive scientist deciphers ancient texts even as a team of secret agents shadows his every move.

Caught in the storm is a young investigator with a complex past of her own, who must race against time to maintain the balance of power in the new world.

Welcome back to the exciting and shadowy world of Ashwin Sanghi, where myth and history blend into edge-of-the-seat action.

Book’s Epigram : This book is an admirable effort by ‘Ashwin Sanghi’. Two parallel stories are running along throughout the book. One story is from the present Indo-China border while the other is set at 6th century China. One story compliment to another in some respect and connects at the end. How the things are different yet connected is shown quite well.

The author has done a great research on China and its provinces of that eras and different dynasties that ruled there over a period. The same excellency has been shown in India and its provinces, when Buddha and Hindu cult were cultivating together.

Author has detailed the scenarios so seamlessly that the story moves virtually in front of the reader. How the Chinese government runs, and they have their spies all over and how they get the information and use them is well represented.

The book is nice and keeps switching you back and forth in time. The writer also has a solid grip over the vocabulary that he used to the utmost extent. The book is great and binds you with its magnificent story until you finish it.

My Critique : The book starts with a sudden attack by China at Doklam border where our shoulders hardly get any time to revolt and the situation turns to be a big massacre of Indian soldiers.

A video captures all this and Indian army starts the investigation. Paramjit Khurana known as ‘Pam’ was given the responsibility of this. Her father has been a part of Indian army and died long back on duty. How the investigation moves, and she meets with people from different department, some of them turn out to be a mole in the system.

All is described courteously in the story. The other story starts in China, where a monk Chenhui decides to visit to Yindu (India) in hope of getting the source texts of Buddhism. All the difficulties that he faces during his journey and the way he covers to reach India is the parallel story. The author has used the solid sources to set the story when ancient India and its glory was known worldwide.

The story is incessant expedition which keeps you moving from one era to another, one revelation to another and so on. Its really a nice book to read and if you are a history lover and interested on those glorious times and difficulties then it will surely entice you. I loved the book.

Rating : 4.5/5

Best Buy: Amazon – Paperback at Rs.173/

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  1. wow 4.5 rating. That makes it a must read. inning two stories in one story is not a joke. And the way you have explained, it is quite clear that author has done a commendable job in delivering it.

  2. The book blurb really seems interesting, Love this kind of fiction a lot. It sure gets added to my TBR.

  3. Wow the book has an amazing setting of two era and two different countries. seems author did an excellent job and research in creating that aura for readers. loved your review dear, got a glimpse of book and its story line so perfectly.

  4. Thanks for the review. Sounds very interesting and very dan brownish! I quite like these kind thrillers with their roots in ancient secrets.

  5. After reading your reviews few points to mention…

    1. I loved your drafting style of review
    2. I love the way you explains every bit of the book in simple and easy to understand language
    3. Your presentation is soothing to eyes
    4. I loved your review

  6. Wowww… This was amazing post and well writing article. I really liked it. I am glad you shared that The Vault Of Vishnu By Ashwin Sanghi. Thanks for sharing this 👍

  7. Interesting story. Really liked this book review and how the story went. Well-written! Keep it up!

  8. Urvi Kunal Savla

    Such an interesting book. The story sounds really different and intriguing 👍 will definitely read this one

  9. The story looks amazing. The fact that it keeps the audience engage is very attractive. Lovely review and really liked it.

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