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Maybelline – Secret Of My Forever Beautiful Eyes

A popular saying says ‘Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of Beholder‘ but I believe ‘Beauty Reflects The Best From Beautiful Eyes Of Beauty Holder’.

I feel much more beautiful with Kohl in my eyes 🙂
For me, my myntra of having a perfect look for any occasion is a simple yet stylish dress with ballerinas, Simple hairdo, elegant makeup and bold eyes. Yeah bold eyes with dark Kohl, Prominent Liner and a Thick application of mascara to give volume to my eyes.
But was always upset with the products I used. Kohl get smudged, Liner was not so Prominent, and mascara added volume for just 1-2hr. Travelling in Delhi takes my time and my eyes bold look away and I have to carry my eye makeup with me every time n do retouch before entering the event venue.
Everything was tough utill I reach my problem solving destination, brand & products.. And Here comes Maybelline New York to my rescue with its Colossal Kajal, Colossal Liner And The Falsies Volume Express Mascara. OMG, what an awesome product range from one of the leading brands for my perfect smudge free long lasting bold eyes.

A perfect combo and blend can give u most beautiful eyes ever I surely believe.
Maybelline Colossal Kajal
1. SmudgeProof.
2. 12 Hr long wearing.
3. Creamy texture, soft, smooth glide.
4. Attractive packaging.
5. Price: ₹175/- Very affordable
Maybelline The Colossal Liner
1. Super fine, felt tip. Easy drawing thin as well as bold lines
2. Dries quickly
3.Beautiful finish
4. Well pigmented
5. Smudge proof and water resistant
6. Price: ₹425/-
Maybelline Falsies Volume Express
1. Quick Dry.
2. Long lasting, holds curls well.
3. Really give false lash effect.
4. Waterproof.
5. Price: ₹425/-
All three products gives best results. One stroke is enough but as I loved it the darkest I go for 2-3 strokes of kohl n liner at once.

What I Like:
1. Maybelline Products are still so affordable.
2. It’s smudge proof and long lasting.
3. Just one stroke of Colossal Kajal is enough to give your eyes a noticeable spark
4. The Colossal Liner is so simple (As simple As using a sketchpen) to apply that even the first timer can get it perfect.
5. Falsies Volume Express Mascara definitely add volume to your eyelids. No false commitments.
Beauty, Eye Makeup, Maybelline New York

What I Don’t Like:
1. I don’t find any cons in all three.
Girls!! For me its my favorite range to enhance my eyes beauty. A must try for all 🙂
Beautiful Eyes Makes You More Beautiful.
Beautiful eyes Its Maybelline Time.

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