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Welcome Little – My Transformation Journey From A Careless Girl To A Super Caring Mom

So blessed am I that I Can’t Explain,
My birth as a girl is the blessing I claim.
I am the daughter who brings smile to my dad’s face,
I am the secret sharing sister at every good and bad phase,
I am the wife he can’t do without,
I am the caring mother who adores his child without a doubt 🙂

Though in many parts of our country girl child is still a curse( sad but true). I really feel its the best gender to have birth. I was the youngest amongt 6 siblings that’s why I was over pampered spoil brat. I can proudly say ‘PAPA KI PARI HU MAIN’, n all this can easily explain why I say myself a careless girl.
Me the overpampered spoil brat was pampered same way by my darling hubby so the carelessness continues :p And suddenly a new bright day knocked my door and said its time to change. A bright day in chilly January winters comes with the good news of another life joining me inside.
New Year Brings New Joy In My Life,
A New Year, A New Day,
A New News That Blew Our Hearts Away,
A New Heartbeat Added To Our Hearts,
A New Life Within Me Starts…

Motherhood is the biggest bliss of womenhood. The start of journey towards motherhood just changed my life to a paradise. Even with every ups and downs in physical, mental and emotional state, the journey is truly delightful.

Loosing curves and getting fat made me happy first time ever and baby moment takes me to seventh heaven of pleasure and happiness. Every moment was worth capturing and flaunting my baby bump is my favourite thing but super careful about my bump as it has my little inside.

My little one loved being inside me so much that he stays with for 3more weeks after my due date. He seriously kept me waiting so much that I keep getting anxious every passing day and then finally D Day arrived. I get into labour at 12Midnight and my little naughty took 16hrs to leave me. Pain, tears, happiness fear mixed emotions I was going through and suddenly I heard his cry and all pain vanished. I took him in my arms, kissed him and said ‘Welcome Little’ and my doctor claims its a boy and I said healthy boy.

Life just changed,
Silent Sleep To Sleepness Night,
Perfumes and Fragnaces to Peep n Poop At Every Sight,
His Tasks Becomes My First Duty,
Feeding Him On Time Is My Priority.
To See Him Grow Is Just A Delight…
From Toothless Grins To Loud Laughter,
From Turning Struggle To Runs Faster,
From Learning Phase To His Non Stop Chatters,
From Unsaid Expressions To Demanding Words.


My just born little is gonna be 2 next years next month and with him I continue with my blissful motherhood with utmost care nand responsibilities 🙂

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