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Beauty And The Beast Combines – #ChampIsBack

When I Was Searching For My Perfect Mate,
I Want It To Be The Best In Date,
With Killer Beauty,
But As Strong As Beast,
My Mate Has To Be Just Perfect Without A Twist.
I Wanted My Mate To Be Ready In Seconds,
To Follow My Instructions Without Any Restrictions,
To Keep Me And My Stuff Protected,
To Be Confined Without My Instructions.
Has To Have Perfect Look To Make Others Jealous,
But Have To Be Perfect For My Use.
Though These Are The Perfection For My Perfect Man,
But This Time I M Talking About Something In My Hand.
Smartphone Is My First Love,
Love To Be It’s Smartphone Slave Forever.
Yes I am talking about my biggest companion My Phone. I am surely a gadget freak. Can’t live without my mobile for a single second. Being a Mother of 2years big super mischievous son,  I can’t even open my laptop so my social life is just mobile.
That’s why I always wanted to a Smartphone that Looks Sexy And Biggest Beast while specs are considered.
After exploring whole big range of mobiles I got my Beauty And Beast Smartphone ‘LG Nexus 5X’.
My life rotates around my darling hubby and my little love my son. So I always wanted my beast to have features to suits my life around my family.
Awesome looks are always my priority,  as first impression is last impression. 5.2-inch big screen and unique colors surely fullfill my requirements.
To catch every moment glimpse of my naughty little love is much needed for me and Nexus 5X Awesome Camera fullfills my need. With Google Camera App And Low Light Compatible Camera, catching glimpse of my little naughty at dim lights is also possible.
I always wanted my phone to have fastest processing and with Hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor speed is never an issue.  So I can do multitasking when needed or my son allows.
I always Wanted fast charging phone as my son love listening his favourite rhymes and it surely discharges my phone very quickly,  so I don’t wanna have low battery notification when my mobile reach my hand, and Nexus 5X comes with the USB Type-C charger is reversible, which means no more guessing which way is up. And it’s fast—get almost four hours of use after only ten minutes of charging.
With all my requirements fulfilled Nexus 5X comes with many more impressive features.
– Security With Fingerprint Sensor.
– Google Photos To Keep My Photos Organised.
– Android Marshmallow, Latest OS.
– All Google Apps already Installed To Be It Easy To Use.
Awesome Looks And Wonderful Specs,
This Is Surely Beauty And Beast Pure Match,
It’s Awesomeness Is All I Call,
No Other Gadget I Recall,
It’s Surely The Best Make,
Guys Lookup #ChampIsBack.

I am participating in the #ChampIsBack activity at BlogAdda

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