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Bestest Care For Softest Skin

The Moment Ten Little Toes Arrive,
Mom In Me Started To Strive,
Softer Than The Softest Bear,
I Started To Have Touch Fear,
But Then I realized Birth Of Mother Brings Strength,
Strength To Pamper The Softest Souls,
Strength To Be Tender For All,
The Caring Mom In Me How To Care,
With Given Opportunity, It’s Time To Share.
The moment I hold my little for the first time,  he was just a few minutes boy, covered with a layer of blood and wrapped in blue towel. That was the first moment of mine with my softest.  And a tear rolled down my eyes thinking whether I will be able to keep it that soft forever. Just after few minutes of my son’s birth, I gather all my strength to stand and accompany nurse to give my little love the first bath.
And that was the moment, when mom born in me decided to take care of the softest and his softest skin.
With One Thought In My Mind
“Listen To Everyone, But Do What I Feel Best For My Baby” I decided my little ones skin care routine which I am following till now even with my 2 years little love and can proudly say he is still the softest as he was on the day of his birth.
Sharing My Skin Care Routine, Hope It Helps All Mommies Or Would Be Mommy.
Special Skin Care Routine Of My Baby :
1. Pre Bath Routine : Mix Turmeric powder and milk apply on your baby from top to toe and let it dry and then give him a warm water bath and don’t use any cleanser on baby. It gives softness to little love’s skin.
2. Oil Massage : A mommy in me strongly believe that oil massage after every bath keeps babies body hydrated and gives there skin a radiant glow and keep it soft.
You can take any oil you preferred. I used olive oil for my baby. Applying oil just after drying him will help seal in the moisture of the bath and allow the skin to get hydrated.
3. Moisturization : To keep littles skin soft forever,  keep it moisturized. Apply little of any baby cream or oil u prefer after bath and also between change of diapers or pee poop routine. I apply mixture of glycerin and rose water in equal portion.
4. Homemade Uptan : I make two uptans for my son and apply it every second day followed by warm water bath in a sequential manner.
First, is a mixture of egg yolk and honey. And second one is a mixture of almond oil and yogurt.
5. Right Choice Of Diapers : Baby got worst skin issues if not provided with right diapers and correct size.  Where diapers are concerned I prefer Pampers always as they make best diapers with zero leakage, more soaking capacity, always dry and soft to baby skin.
With the above skin care routine my baby is blessed with bestest and Softest Skin till now. Hope the softness continues.
Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.

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  1. Beautifully said. Scientifically explained. Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

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