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Yummy Recipe By Mummy : RasMalai

Rasmalai is one of many popular desserts in Bengali cuisine. The word ‘lip smacking’ describes Rasmalai the best.
So here’s the recipe to the lip smacking dessert Rasmalai.
Milk – 1.5 litres
Lemon – 1
Sugar –  1 Cup
Cardamom Powder
Almond and Pistachio (Flaked) for garnishing
1. Heat 1 litre of milk and allow a brisk boil, then add lime juice, stir well and turn off the heat.
2. With addition of lime juice, milk curdles and clear whey will get separated.
3. Strain the curdled milk with a muslin cloth strainer allow the liquid drain out and leave aside for half hour.
4. After half hour,  your chena is ready.
5. Take chena in a bowl and kneed it untill chena get a smooth texture. And make balls with the chena.
6. In a pressure cooker,  take a glass full of water and sugar and let it boil, then add chena balls to it,  attach the lid and cook till 2-3 whistles.
7. Take out the balls carefully, squeeze the syrup gently and keep aside.
8. Now in a heavy bottom pan,  boil rest of milk and let it boil,  then add sugar (as per taste) and cardamon powder and let it simmer on medium flame untill milk reduce to half.
9. Add chena balls to milk,  simmer for a couple of minutes.
10. Serve Cooled and garnished with Flaked almonds and Pistachios.
You can add saffron, condensed milk, or flavour of your choice to milk, and give your twist to lip smacking Rasmalai.

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