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From Brat To Technocrat – Evolution With Tech Innovations

It’s Being Said “Change Is Irresistible” but in today’s Era I say “Change
Is Irreversible”. If you don’t agree try to take away smartphone from
anyone around you and tell them to live with phone all over again and find how
restless they become. (P.S. You might get beaten for your act, try at your
own risk)

Memorable was the
days when communication meant letters, games meant to be played outdoor,
getting clicked require buttering papa to get his camera out, listening music
meant switching on DVD player or tape recorder.
But we today’s so
called tech savvy,  who are more precisely tech slaves, surely disagree
from above, even I can’t agree to the fullest as even I’m holding my mobile
right now and working on my blog post (OMG, Even I can’t live without my
smartphone. Proud Tech and Gadget Slave).

I seriously feel
confused, when I search for the answer to the question “I own smartphone or
smartphone own me?”

But I Fully Agreed
that technology definitely led to evolution in youth. It helps youth by giving them
power to do multitasking, made world accessible on a thumb tab, tasks like
making documents or presentation don’t need hours to spend in front of PC it
can be done on a go.

Yeah,  how
easy life become when after partying whole night with friends while travelling
to college in Metro,  I just took help of our very own Google Baba (All
thanks to 4G, I am never out of coverage) and finished my much needed
presentation assignment given by most grumpy professor. Gosh, my partner
in every crime, my smartphone saved me from getting punished. The spoil brat
for professor, impressed him and the Secret is being a Technocrat.

On One fine day, most
dashing guy in class, ask answer to his confusion and everyone rush to find
answers to his questions to impress him and I conquered the battle with
superfast 4G and Octa-core processor. And I proudly flaunt my smartest phone
with Android M, Octa-core processor and 4G network coverage and exclaimed No
One Can Beat Me.
With friends always ready to pose to my smartphone’s awesome cam,
though I dnt mind it with lots of inbuilt memory but gals it’s my smartphone
not your cam, its fun to switch to selfie cam and click some awesome selfies
while they keep posing thinking they are in frame.Fight with brother for remote, naaaahhhh not my thing, with my smartphone I damn care about remote, my favorite have all access to my favorites who cares now who own the remote.

Smartphone latest
technologies are seriously blessings, with my latest smartphone with
latest technology, I can do anything I want, just name it and I can do
it.  From simple phone calls to video calls,  getting
entertained,  finishing my assignments,  getting information from
every corner of the world,  being updated always, even taking care of my
health, even everything all together and it’s just mine with my finger scan as
my entry pass. Yeahhh, secrets can be kept too.

With Technological
innovation like Android M, 4G, Octacore processor and many more our
smartphones are much smarter than we are. It’s a revolutionary evolution that
changed our lives.

Technological Evolution,
Brings A New Revolution,
4G Made Life Speedy,
Octa-core Makes Multitasking Easy,
Android M, Is Much Advanced Than Ever,
Day By Day My Smartphone Getting Clever,
Getting Bore Exist No More,
Everytime We Have Something New To Explore,
Being Connected On Social Media Always,
Trending Is The New Trend,
With Smartphone Technology We Have Evolved,
From Lazy Performer To Multitasker,
From Last Bencher To Show Stopper,
From Newbie To Every Field Expert,
From Brat To Everyone’s Favorite Technocrat. 


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