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Book Review : Scion Of Ikshvaku

Scion Of Ikshvaku 
Author : Amish Tripathi
Subject : Fantasy, Mythology
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Westland Press

Book Cover : Ram’s imagery with archer and use of colors like blue and orange make it attractive. Loved the creation by Think Why Not. 
Book’s Epigram:
This book is about a baby (Ram) who was ignored by his father (Dasratha) since birth, considering him for the misfortune of his life and kingdom. The person who was the heir of the great kingdom never got the respect that he was deserving for. He never gave up and keep on growing with the defined targets set for his life and some anxiety in his mind that he never exposed to anyone. He never let anyone feel about his personal pain.
He was a great believer of law & order set by the old renowned rishis of that time. He always loved his brother, his father, and his mothers. He loved an adopted girl in totality and married gracefully by defeating kings. When kings used to support polygamy then he emerged as a one woman man. He punished himself for fourteen years before Vayuputra sentenced him for using the divine power against the Ravana that was not supposed to use. He saved the Mithila kingdom and accepted the exile.
We also see the dedication and respect of a younger brother (Laxman) for his elder. Especially when he decided to go with his brother for exile by leaving his newly bride in the palace. He saved Ram’s life on many occasions. He kept on suggesting Ram to be aware of Vishwamitra and many other character when Ram had firmly believe on them. It was a brother’s concern toward his elder which is shown on multiple occasions in the book.
My Critique:
Scenes have been described so well that it appears as the events are happening in front and gives a live feeling. The way fight scenes have been expressed takes you along with them to the battle field where you can enjoy the real author’s writing.
Ramayana is an epic, this part covers the story till Sita was abducted by Ravana. It was a great experience to read the known story in a new way where we can connect the things in a new way, way that writer wants us to imagine. Ram is not a born hero but it’s catastrophe that comes to his way and he emerge as a hero by going through like pure gold.

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