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Tech Guide : Seven Cool Internet Explorer (IE) Tips

With browsing in my mind always. Simple tips can make our browsing experience an effortless trial. So here are, Seven simple tips to make your browsing experience with IE really awesome and much more easier.

  1. Use IE in full screen mode
If you press F11 (the F keys placed in the top row of the keyboard), your IE will hide the unused screen area and widen by enlarging it to “full screen” mode. You can revert to the normal screen by pressing the same key again.

  1. Change the font size of a web page
You can change the type size bigger by holding the CTRL key and turning the mouse wheel. You can also achieve this by pressing ALT+V and then go to Zoom and finally select the percentage of your choice.

  1. Show the Status bar
Sometime we are unable to view the status bar. To visible the same you can Press ALT+V. The “View” menu opens. RIGHT ARROW to open the “Toolbars” submenu and DOWN ARROW to “Status bar” and press ENTER. Internet Explorer closes the menus and shows the Status bar.

  1. Pin Websites to Your Start Screen
You can pin the websites you use to your Start screen and give them their own tiles. Just click or tap the star button on Internet Explorer’s app bar. Tap the pin icon afterwards and you’ll get a tile for the website.

  1. You can easily determine when a web page was last updated
All you need to do is just enter <javascript:alert(document.lastModified> in the Address bar. It will prompt a message box with data and time.
(Please note that your browser must be java capable to do this.)

  1. Make Flash Player Work in Internet Explorer
Sometime flash program related websites stop working and point to install the flash player. Though we already have it installed but it doesn’t work. To make it work, launch Internet Explorer and go to ‘Settings’ (top right corner) and select “Manage add-ons”. It will pop up a window, now select ‘Toolbars and Extensions’, and in the right pane scroll down to Shockwave Flash Object. Right-click on it and select Enable.

  1. 5 Awesome IE Keyboard shortcuts
Control + N = Duplicate current tab in new window
Control + K = Duplicate current tab in new tab
Control + T = New Tab
Control + 9 = Switch to previous tab
Control + Alt + F4 = Close all tabs except open tab

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