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Tech Guide : Five simple steps to fasten your System

Being A Software Engineer By Qualification And Proud Wife Of IT Manager. Sharing our technical knowledge is must.
So, let’s start with the most basic problem we face with our laptops and computers,  Slowness.
Finishing urgent office work with deadlines or have to catch college transport in few minutes after finishing assignments but slow computer made it just impossible.
Need a solution? Here it is :
Uninstall the unnecessary programs –

We install multiple programs in our system believing that it would be useful some time later, but there are certain set of programs that we use regularly not all. So it’s always better to uninstall these programs from the memory. It not only releases the data from the system but releases our system resources (like CPU/ RAM etc.) that in turn allocated sufficient resources to the component that actually required of it and helps in fastening the system.

Lightening your user profile –

When we login to the system then a lot of folders created initially with your profile. For example every profile has Desktop, My documents, Download, Music etc. folders. We started saving our data in these folders (mostly on Desktop and My Documents), which actually increase the profile size and slow down the system login process. This is the reason when we login to our system it takes time to load the profile. It is always advisable that we always save our data in a separate folder or drive and keep on backing up the data. It will light our profile and speed up the system. Sometime heavy data also cause the profile corruption issue which in result may cause losing your data.

Scan and defragment you HDD –

Scanning and defragmenting is very important key tool to fasten your PC. Scanning system drives on regular basis ensures that our system is protected from virus. We should also keep on updating our scanning software so that it is up-to-date with the latest virus definition.

In PC, normally files are scattered everywhere in the hard disk, system takes time to find and sync them whenever user made any request. By defragmenting your hard drive, you put all of the files close together again, and it’s easier for the computer to find them. Where scanning protect our system from malicious viruses, defragmenting fasten the system speed by re-indexing the data.

Registry cleaning tools –

There are many registry cleaning tools available today. Whenever we delete/ uninstall any software then few entries are always left in the registry. These are small but important entries as system continue to interacts with these registry data before performing, sometime these entries capture the system resources that slow down the system. ‘Registry Cleaner’ cleans all of them and we see the drastic improvement in the computer performance. Before you clean the registry, you need to make sure that you are downloading authentic software from the authentic site.

Cleaning the Cabinet –

We open our Cabinet only when our system actually goes down or need to check for any system hardware issue. If your cabinet is not properly clean and there are layers of dust then it can impact the hardware performance or even crash. Often it has been seen that when we face any memory related hardware issue then cleaning the memory stick resolve it easily. Prevention is always better than cure, so we need to clean our Cabinet internally in a regular interval.

Just Follow Five Steps And You Will Never Face Slowness Ever Again. Be Fast Forever.

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