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Google Maps – Navigation To Destination

It was our usual journey towards our native Ramnagar, Uttarakhand. We always travel by road as my hubby loves to drive. It’s a long drive of 260 kms from Delhi. It’s being four long years we are traveling on that route it’s as simple as taking NH24 and following the road.
I guess the route is so easy that my hubby never get confused even in darkest nights, foggy days or heavy rains.
But there’s always a day when things don’t happen, the way you want. So happened with us,  when we find that roads are blocked dye to a massive collapse between two trucks. We have traveled more than 160 kms and there is no way to turn back as its a road jam throughout.
To our right,  there is an easy turn towards a village,  which might lead us to our destination as staying there is a foolish act because it’s visible, road block going to take at least 24 hours.
Its a tough decision because that’s a completely unknown route and not surely lead to our destination. While thinking about what to do next?  I just grabbed my phone and open Google Maps, to navigate if  there is a possible route to our destination.
Bingo.. There is a possible route. And guess what Google Navigator is so smart that it was aware of the road block and to our surprise,  enrouting through the same right turn next to us.
Now, we knew that its gonna be an adventurous journey on a unknown path but with navigation on we are not at all in doubt. Google map’s Navigation feature was surely a relief that we can rely on to start.
With turn to turn voice navigation, it’s easy to follow and get our route. With some up and down in the journey with broken or congested roads. We finally reached our destination.
Google Maps Navigation was sure a savior in trouble that day. And that was the day when we used navigation for the very first time and finally felt it’s usefulness.
About Google Maps Navigator.
With Google maps navigatior, you can get around without getting stuck. It helps you to navigate like a pro and re-route according to the traffic and tells the lane to be taken.
1) From addresses to phrases it can search everything for you. Just put the destination address or write a phrase like restaurant nearby. You will get the destination on one touch.
2) When you search the direction towards your destination, it fetches your current location and provides you the shortest possible route towards your destination.
3) Tells you the distance to be covered with estimated time taken. Time remaining will be shown in different colors according to the traffic information.
Red = Heavy traffic
Yellow = Some traffic
Green = Very little traffic
Gray = No traffic information is available
4) Voice Navigation is very convenient  while you drive. You can use your voice while navigation to command your navigator and Getting voice update about the route make it a much pleasant experience.
Google Maps Navigation makes getting to places easier when you drive, walk, or bike. It tells you live traffic conditions, where to turn, which lane to use, and if there’s a better route. If you get off track, Maps will automatically find a new route for you.
Now, we go miles without asking route to anyone. It’s just we and Google Map Navigation.   
We Use Navigation To Reach Our Destination.

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