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Queen Of Pop Music – Usha Uthup

Large Bindi, Kancheepuram  Sarees,  Mogra In Hairs And Her Signature Deep Voice, Usha Uthup is a peppy singer who has her own style of singing.  She has a personality that make her stand out and a spark to carry those lighting tunes.

From always hit Hare Rama Hare Krishna, to dance beats like Ramba Ho, she is the peppy singer who is the Queen Of Pop in India.

With her effortless zing she had become voice of Bollywood’s most leading ladies, from Zeenat Aman to Priyanka Chopra and delivered many hit numbers. 

For over 44 years now, Usha Uthup has spread a message of love and unity, peace and harmony, tolerance and integrity, and happiness – through music. She has sung and performed in more than sixteen lndian languages.

Usha Uthup’s music has charmed generations of Indians, young and old. People smile, tap their feet, clap their hands, and forget their worries when she performs. Usha’s melody speaks a universal language and transcends religion, race, nationality and caste.

Here’s a compilation of her top 5 chartbusters.
Ramba Ho, Armaan
In the marvelous echoes of Ramba Ho Ho Ho for the obscure 1981 release, Armaan. This is one of my favorites and still bring a new spark when played. Her deep voice and style of singing is the real charm of this ever hit chartbuster.

Darling, 7 Khoon Maaf
Vishal Bhardwaj’s dark drama 7 Khoon Maaf, fizzled at the box office but the soundtrack, especially the catchy Darling, sung by an effervescent Usha Uthup was favourably received. Lyrics, music and beats of this song is made for one of the most talented voice, voice of the legend like her.

Aami Shoti Bolchi, Kahaani
Vidya Balan’s power-packed Kahaani didn’t have any scope for generic Bollywood elements like song and dance. Even so, Uthup’s electric delivery of Aami Shotti Bolchi, which plays in the background, perfectly captures the essence of Kolkata.The beautiful lyrics, and the deep voice are surely the best combination to capture the true essence of beautiful Kolkata.

Shaan Se, Shaan
Filmmaker Ramesh Sippy aimed to recreate a James Bondesque vibe around his ambitious multistarrer, Shaan. Part of the concept is evident in Rahul Dev Burman’s seductive title melody with Uthup oozing husky oomph and pizzazz. She simply made this song shaandar as nobody else can.

Hari Om Hari, Pyaara Dushman
You may have little recollection of this Rakesh Roshan-Vinod Mehra potboiler from the 1980s but there’s no way you’ve never heard of Usha Uthup’s rocking disco chant, Hari Om Hari. The lady just sets the dance floor on fire with her pitch-perfect zeal. This song is just captured by her voice.

Not to forget her song Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Hare Rama Hare Krishna where she makes every listener sit up and take notice of her refreshingly original and glamorous voice in the English-speaking bits of her splendid duet with the senior songstress Asha Bhosle.

Usha Uthup made a never fading impact on our music industry. Her unique deep husky voice becomes the voice of pop. She was, is and will always be the Queen of Pop, nobody can ever replace her..

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