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Peppy Fashion For Fantastico Fashion Winters

Who don’t like every glance of admiration and eye of jealousy. It surely make you feel you stand out and others wanna be like you. 

Winter is a season to get cozy,  feel warm but still being confident and eye catcher. This Winter get beautiful, get trendy, get peppy and look fantastic. 

So here are few must haves for peppy you &  your fantastico winter. 

Sweaters,  Especially thin Sweaters are must have in winters.  They can easily replace your tops in winters.  Be it in solid colors,  prints or graphics on it, they are must have in your collection and surely gives you a peppy yet sophisticated look in chilling winter.

You can pair it with colored pants, ballet flats or with a skirt of your choice, tights and boots. 

Blazers,  your winter wardrobe is simply incomplete without Blazers. They are trendy on a fun night out with friends and perfect for every professional meet. 

They look perfect on dresses or pair them with colored pants, boots, shirt or thin Sweaters. A trendy yet sophisticated,  peppy yet professional must have for your wardrobe. 

Cardigans, we can’t miss them in our peppy winter lists. They are oh-so prim and peppy. Go with the Uber soft one to have a luxurious feel always.  Solid colors are super awesome but patterned one are more girly and bring out your fun side
Looks perfect with ruffled top peeking out and pencil skirts or skiny pants.

Fabulous Coats, give you an unique trendy look. Whether it’s a cape-style coat (which look luxurious with awesome cut designs. Solid color cape-style coats is a must have) or pea coats (in solid colors or textured pattern) 

You can style your coat with skirts, pants, leggings or even saree. So, if you don’t own a coat, you and your wardrobe seriously need one and many. 

Coloured Pants,  Oh so important part of your wardrobe in every season especially winters. Coloured pants or skinny jeans are surely an important part of styling yourself.For more peppy look,  fold the 1 inch hem of your pants twice. Style it with your Sweaters or coats, with scarf, ballet flats or boots for your fantastic look.
Ballet Flats, these are surely my favourite every season especially winters. They are building block of every style and trend and look perfect with every dress you wear. And surely keep you warm and surely very comfortable.
Wear whatever you want and style it with ballet flats, they looks simply perfect always

Accessories, like statement scarves, necklaces,  skinny belts, headbands are surely a must have for every girl in every season and it’s surely an add on to styling.

So girls it’s time to get trendy and get peppy to turn your winter fantastico by being a showstopper everywhere. 

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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