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Peppy Songs – Party, Picnic And Drive.

Party All Night,
Picnic At Day Bright,
Or Fun filled Long Drive,
Without Songs I Cant Survive.

Music is surely a cooling medicine for our mind not only among youth but also among all the age groups.Even if we are not a pro at singing and are just a bathroom singer, nothing can stop us from enjoying the music and tap on the beats or go with the rhythm.

No matter how much we argue about the beats and rhythm of Jazz and EDM, we still dance to Bollywood music at the end of the day. There are people for whom songs work as a real stress buster and they cant live without music.

Bollywood is overflowing with awesome songs for every mood and every single activity of day. From romantic, emotional, motivational to awesome peppy numbers to fill your day with a much needed spark. Bollywood songs are always there to fit in everytime.

Indian functions are never complete without high-energy Bollywood songs. Any occasion in our incredible India is simply incomplete without high energy bollywood songs and exclaims It’s time to put on your dancing shoes and let your hair down and  steal the hearts of many with your wavy moves on peppy Bollywood beats. The perfect songs will make us, want to shake a leg no matter how shy we are.

Long drives are super boring without high beat songs and we singing them even louder.
The perfect songs will make people want to shake a leg no matter how shy they are. So here is the list of my favorite 5 peppy bollywood Songs,  and am sure these music beats are unbeatable.

1. Badtameez Dil
No party this year was complete without grooving to Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone’s naughty hearts in the song Badtameez dil. Wacky and peppy is what I would like to call it!

2. Tumhi Ho Bandhu –
This is a peppy number, ideal to groove on, especially if you are in “high spirits”.  Loved this to the core. Every beat of this song is an invitation to rock on it.

3. Angreji Beat –
This is an ultimate party, hip-shaking song. Angreji beat, has that powerpack ‘punjabi tadka’ to groove on, without being a dance master. One can enjoy this song anytime anywhere.

4. Radha – 
This song will put you in dancing mood very quickly with its peppy music. Dancing on this semi-classical number will lift your mood.

5. Dance Basanti – 
Beats of this amazing song will make you being on your toes and dancing to its tunes is superfun. It a song you can’t miss on party nights and surely long drives are incomplete without it. 

The peppy beats, mischievous lyrics and the Bollywood tadka of these songs can shake up every occasion you can think of. !

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