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Elegant Rides On Elephant – Elephant Safari

safari in India is a unique and thrilling way to experience wildlife holidays
in India. The elephant back experience with our select elephant safari tour
packages will take you to the wild amidst the Royal Bengal Tigers, Great
Single-horned Rhinoceros, Leopards, Hyenas and crocs among others.
Elephant safari is the best and safest way to explore the remotest and densest
areas of the forests. If you are keener in combing denser areas of the forests
and search for some fierce creatures, then Elephant Ride is the best option.
Riding an elephant takes you back to the royal era, when only the Kings use to
ride on these majestic creatures. Elephant Safaris are equipped with a howdah,
a large seat on which they and the visitors sit, and with an umbrella over the
riders head. The elephant moves slowly and steadily, that’s why this type of
safari is ideal in and around the wild regions, where riding the elephant can
give you an easy access for viewing the unknown wildlife. More of all an
elephant safari tour in the tropical wildlife sanctuaries of India gets you up,
close and personal with these majestic animals
your ride, you can watch the wild elephants taking bath in the water bodies. If
you are interested in photography, then you can easily take pictures of the
wilds while riding and as a souvenir of the fantastic journey into the wilds.

In the India’s first Wild Reserve and National Park, Corbett, you may take
pleasure in elephant safari that begins from the Bijarani Gate of Corbett Tiger
Reserve to the Himalayan foothills. The experience includes safari through the
deep valleys, and the mysterious thick forests. Along with this, the rugged
trails of Corbett national park add the element of thrill to the adventurous
elephant safari in India.

Elephant Safari
Destinations In India

place where Elephant Safaris are common are the forest areas of Uttar Pradesh
and Kerala. Elephant Safari is also popular in the jungles of Assam in the
northeast India.
Elephant Safaris in the Himalayan
In the
North and the North East India elephant safari is the best option to search the
wilds in the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, particularly the ones
that are located in the Himalayan region. Elephant is immensely versatile in
negotiating the difficult Himalayan terrain that even a jeep cannot traverse.
Some of places in the Himalayan forest regions where you can go for an Elephant
Ride are the national parks such as Corbett in Uttaranchal and Kaziranga in

Know more about Corbett National Park’s city, Ramnagar aka Corbett City here.
Elephant Safari in Periyar
Widlife Sanctuary
Wildlife Sanctuary
is the best elephant hub, any animal lover would love to
find out. Elephant safari is a memorable experience in the Periyar. Periyar is,
clearly, the safest elephant sanctuary in India, possibly in the world.
Elephant, Wild Pig, Sambar and Guar are the four most popular animals with
Periyar’s visitors. The smaller ones, however, are as interesting.
A Visit
to India Is Incomplete If You Don’t Have An Experience Of Wildlife On
Elephants. It’s A Royal Experience And Surely A Bliss For Nature Lovers
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