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Book Review : Crystal Lodge

Crystal Lodge 
Author : Surendra Mohan Pathak
Subject : Thriller
Genre : Suspense
Publisher : HarperCollins Publishers India
Book’s Epigram & My Critique :
This novel is based on the murder of ‘Abhay Singh Rajpuria’, the decedent, and debate between two lawyers about the murder. The interesting part is that one of the lawyer has worked on the other lawyer’s firm as an employee. Due to some dispute the employee was evicted and opens his own law firm. Evicted lawyer is struggling with clients, as his firm is a new and less known. In the meanwhile he became aware of this murder and decided to defend the accused free of cost. When his former firm owner came to knew about it, he decided to prosecute the case on Police’s behalf to make sure that his former employee could not get the benefit but lose the case.
It is shown very well that for a new lawyer it’s a very difficult to setup his profession. The writer has shown the police behavior, how the police stops interrogating once they get any suspected accused and then how they rush on closing the case. To make the situation more dramatize, the writer has shown the murder connectivity of different characters that are related to the decedent very well. It’s really very interesting to see how the lawyer interrogate the case and frees the murder accused. Though a couple of things are a bit odd and difficult to digest like why the novel writer, the neighbor of the decedent helped the lawyer in writing. One more point that the writer did not focus, is the debate between the Nakul Bihari Anand (former firm owner) and Mukesh Mathur (former employee). There are few incidents where Mr. Anand  comes face to face to discuss the case and the impact seems on the reader but there are only few such moments. This lacking seems throughout the courtroom. If we ignore these facts then overall the novel looks fine. 
No doubt that the writer has mastery is the murder mystery and one more time he has proved it again.  The novel rhythm is very well and will keep you excited till the end. Over all this novel is worth reading for those who love court room drama and murder mystery.
Rating : 3.5/5
Best Buy : Amazon : Rs. 95/-
                   Flipkart : Rs. 140/-

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