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Let's Cheer For Zidane

Time To Cheer For Zidane,
For The Game He Played,
Man Who Created A Part Of History,
In The Game He Played.
Zizou We Call Him With Love,
He Made Me Fall In Love With Football,
He Is The Reason Behind Many Players On Roll,
Zizou Made The Game Great,
It’s My Chance To Meet Him And Seal The Date.
Let’s Cheer For Zidane,
For His Zeal To Win,
He Ruled The Ground,
That’s Why He Is Bestowed.
Best Attacking Midfielder Till Date,
His Feet Talked With Ball,
With Amazing Imagination,
A Perfect Calculation,
His Awesome Techniques,
He Always Created Space For Ball,
With Him Ball Always Rolled.
Cheering For Him Is Going To Be Sheer Pleasure,
Gosh, It Will A Moment To Treasure,
He Is An Inspiration For Many,
Loved By All Once And Forever.
For Me He Was, He Is And Always Will Be,
The Best Footballer.
Zizou.. Zizou.. With My Loudest Roar,
Will Give Start To My Cheer,
Cheer For Zidane By Me Going To Be The Loudest.
I Bet I Overshadow Everyone Else’s Cheer.
When It’s About Football Game,
I Worship Zizou, For His Art Of Play.
He Played For Game,
And Earned The Fame.
Cheer For Zidane,
Is A Going To Be Moment For His Fans,
To Let Him Know,
We Love Him Too,
To Make Him Believe,
He Motivates Others To Play The Game.
I Dedicate Few Lines For Zidane,
To Cheer For Zidane.
And Read Them Loud,
To Make Him Realise He Made Us Proud.
“You Ruled The Fields,
Made Us Fall In Love With You,
And Made Us Crazy For Game,
For Football, Zidane Is Other Name.
You Always Dominated The Ball,
Watching Your Game Keep Our Eyes On Roll,
You Are The Best I Have Ever Seen,
To Watch You Again And Again Am Always Keen.
Game Of Football Wouldn’t Have Being Same For Me,
If It Doesn’t Have Your Leading Name,
You Are The Man Who Made Me Football Crazy, Zizou You Are Leader For Me In Football History.
You Guided Ball To Goal,
And It Landed To Our Heart,
With Every Goal Added To Your Scorecard,
You Made A Place For You In Our Heart.
Being An Indian When I Relate To Football,
Its Because Of You Game Legends,
Zidane You Made Us Love The Game More,
You Are The Motivation Behind Every Indian’s Goal Score.
The Game You Played,
Is Always In Our Heart And Mind,
Seeing You Always Give Me,
Always Give Me A Sense Of Pride.”
Cheer for Zidane, Is My Way To Let Honorable Zinedine Zidane Know. For Me He Is Synonym To Football. He Is The Legendary Leader For The Game.
My Loudest Roar, My Feelings Crafted In My Poetic Way, Is Dedicated To Him, His Great Play.
We Welcome Zinedine Zidane To Our Beautiful Country. We Are Ready To Cheer For Zidane And Tell Him, Whenever We Think Or Talk About Football, He Conquer Every Thought And Conversation.
I am Writing This Post To Cheer For Zidane. An Initiative By Kanakia Group #BlogForZidane #KanakiaParis

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