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Book Review – The Extraordinary Consciousness Of An Ordinary Man

The Extraordinary Consciousness Of An Ordinary Man

Author : Roy
Genre :  Spiritual Fiction
Publisher : Notion Press

Book’s Epigram & My Critique :
This story is about ‘Gopal Banerjee’ who is travelling in a plane to Mumbai after completing his 6 months film making course from New York. During the flight he met with a person ‘Harry’ who asked him if he was a Hindu. Gopal tried to avoid his question by answering that he was an agnostic but this question shook him from within and the quest of a Hindu began. During this quest, he tried to find the real meaning of a Hindu. He met with one of the Himalayan Yogi who taught him some Kriya yoga. Gopal kept on practicing the Kriya yoga and started experiencing some divine power and great change in his personality. One day he had some intoxicated drug before practice and he seized to the same position for the next few days with divine experiences. After he came out of that situation he felt guilty for having drug and started having some drastic experiences that kept on making his life hell, he heard people voices from the surroundings like they all were intimidating him and some were making fun of his mental state. The most unusual thing during this experience was that only Gopal could hear those voices. It lowered down his performance in the advertising career and finally he left the job. After this he calmed him down and took help of one of ISCON trust and there he studied the Mahabharata. After he came back to the almost normal condition, he started his career again but now he was in love with lord Krishna. He again started his search and gone through some extraordinary experiences. Finally he moved to Mayapura, a place near Kolkata in his divine search, there he gone through mental trauma even after some divine experiences and he returned back to Mumbai. He got suffered from some psychic disease and had medication until he got fully recovered. Finally, he became normal and started an ordinary life after finding a suitable religious life partner.

The author had tried to write an epic in itself. He tried to touch too much of various religious topics that made the whole story lengthy. The book seems more an explanation than a story line. Why the writer unnecessary described the story of Mahabharata actually puzzles, which was not required. Somewhere it looks that author tried to modify the story of Mahabharata by defining it in a new way, which seems bit odd as people are aware of this great epic very well. The way, the mother of ‘Gopal’ reacted is very awkward, she has been shown a very calm and understanding mother, who only gives her son a space all the time in spite of knowing that he is going through some mental trauma and not even tried to talk to him at all and that too for one and half long year. This is practically impossible, especially for a women. Few things are explained too much that those were actually not required, for instance when author is travelling in Mumbai local to meet with Mr. G K Das, during the way what all he sees and feels described so many times that to too elaborative way diverts the reading rhythm and bore the reader. There are many events in the book that can be avoided to explain or could have been written a short and crisp way. The initial storyline is good but write has made it an explanation. Why history is being discussed at multiple times is totally irrelevant and the reader sees no connection of it with the story. I would admit that the book could have been better if the writer would have focused much on the storyline and the consequences that he tried to weave but at times the story seems to lose its beauty and the reader had to take multiple pauses to revive the zeal to continue reading the novel.

From the title it looks that with the end of the story a new or modern Buddha will born with full of knowledge  but the character chose to live an ordinary life. What happened to his continuous efforts and his spiritual achievements, the story took a very sharp drop at the end and it made the initial storyline a full waste.  ‘Gopal’ was full of multiple divine experiences and he could have found a suitable solution but why he left the search was fully unanswered and left the reader in a dilemma. What happened of his quest of a Hindu and all that he accomplished during this journey is fully gone waste.

Rating : 2.5/5

Best Buy : Amazon : Rs. 430/- Paperback, Rs. 199/- Kindle
                   Flipkart : Rs. 430/- Paperback

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