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Horlicks Growth + – End Of Every Mom’s Dilemma.

Childhood is a journey, not a race. Children grow up right before our eyes and parents can see and feel the growth of baby every moment. Being a proud mother of a super naughty boy. I can understand every mothers concern about their children growth.
Whether your child is easy eater or fussy eater, a bit fat or a bit thin, obese or lean, tall or short. Every mother’s perfect child is not so perfect for people around them and all this always brings dilemma for the mother.
And trust me this dilemma never leaves a mom alone, my son is super active boy. Not at all a fussy eater, easily share the pallette with us. Medically his growth is just perfect. He has perfect height, Perfect weight, basically all growth measures are just perfect but he looks bit thin and many time I just find myself giving some lame reasons for his thin appearance as I can’t carry his medical reports to prove he is growing perfect.
Somewhere mom in me knows despite of the perfect upbringing and giving right nutrients to him, I am lagging behind somewhere that leads to his thin appearance though he medically perfectly fit.
I always knew that my little needs something extra to become perfect in every possible way. And here comes a food supplement to my rescue – Horlicks Growth+
Horlicks Growth+ is a perfect solution for every mother who feels her child need that extra nutrition. Horlicks Growth+ not only adds whey protein, essential amino acids Arginine, Glutamic acid, Leucine and Lysine to the child’s diet, but also contains Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Zinc, which are important to help children catch up on height and weight  in only 6 months if added with Milk. It also provides Immuno-nutrients like Vitamins A, C and D, which are all known to support a healthy immune function and the add-on is the yummy flavors loved by every children.
Every mother want to develop good eating habits and ensure that their child have an healthy childhood and #CatchUpOnGrowth.  For every mother,  Horlicks Growth+ is the solution.
Horlicks Growth+ with 23 vital nutrients, definitely completes your child’s breakfast and ensure that your child had a great start for the day and assure their proper physical and mental development.
Healthy growth is always measured by height and weight of the children according to the established standards. Horlicks Growth+ helps your child to reach those standards easily and perfectly. For the age group of 3 – 9years, Horlicks Growth+ is designed by international pediatric experts to provide perfect nutrients to children and make sure they don’t lag behind in health measuring parameters.
Being a mommy myself, i tried, tested, seen visible results in just six months with my son and therefore am suggesting every mother who is in dilemma about her children’s growth to go ahead, buy a pack of Horlicks Growth+,  make your kids relish yummy vanilla and chocolate flavors and see them #CatchUpOnGrowth
Happy Parenting 🙂

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