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Book Review : My Tarot Something Else By Nisha Mehta

My Tarot Something Else 

Author : Nisha Mehta
Subject  : Tarot
Publisher : Patridge India 

Book’s Epigram & My Critique : I have heard of Tarot card reading, where a deck of multiple imaged cards answer your queries. We always sometime in our life span have tried to know about our destiny when we had been through bad or difficult times. However, I always thought to know what these card are and how do a Tarot card reader answer the queries seeing these images, such type of multiple queries were always in my mind that fascinated me to read this book.
Few things that I really liked about the author, Nisha Mehta is, that she tried to explain the card reading in a very simple and clear way. Rather than talking much about the subject, author comes to the point quickly and describes the Tarot card break ups and their meaning in easy words. She classifies the cards and then reveal their meanings (for example – The major arcana, the minor arcana, wands, pentacles, cups, swords etc.)
Author has made a sincere efforts to put her knowledge in simple words in the form of a book, where she has not only described the cards but also suggested how to tackle these cards, which is a very important part. The person who focuses on reading and understanding these cards often forgets that these cards hold some energy that needs to release after attending every session, such type of minute information which is actually very important for a Tarot reader has been defined very well. Overall I found this book very useful for a person who wants to study Tarot and try it as a practice. The practitioner can get multiple information at one book and get to know practice basics as well. At the end, It’s really a very good effort by Nisha Mehta and I congratulate her for writing book on such a rare topic that has helped the mass and a very few people know about.
Rating : 4.5/5

Best Buy : Amazon : Rs. 299/- Paperback, 
                                       Rs. 169/- Kindle

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