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Product Review : Ethicare Remedies Epiplus Lotion – Sensitive Skin cleanser

Lovely Skincare hamper from Ethicare Remedies,which includes Ospis Skincare Soap, Epiplus Sensitive Skin cleanser, Cutishine Facewash and Sweatnil Antiperspirant Gel gives me an opportunity to experience new products and fall in love with them.
Four products, Two weeks of wonderful experience and am here to share my experience with you beautiful people out there.
Sharing my experience with another wonderful product from Ethicare Remedies.
Ethicare Remedies Epiplus Lotion Sensitive Skin Cleanser

I have a very sensitive skin and it becomes worst with summers. Over fragrant soaps and bodywash make my skin suffer alot. Though I have a few which suits my skin a bit,  but search for the best was always on until I start using Epiplus Lotion.
Epiplus is a skin cleanser for sensitive skin with mild foaming with soap free formula.

Key Ingredients:
Cetyl alcohol……….. 2.65%
Stearyl alcohol…….. 0.26%
What company says :
EPIPLUS lotion is Soap free, Fragrance free, SLES FREE, Non comedogenic, Hypo allergenic, balanced pH lotion
Its gives a soft and smooth appearance and prevents dry and parched skin.
Texture :
Epiplus Lotion is white in colour and creamy in consistency with no fragrance ( a big relief for my skin)
My Experience :
Epiplus Lotion has absolutely no fragrance and don’t foam at all, proving the claims of being fragrance, soap and SLES free stands true. It effectively remove every trace of dirt and sweat and get cleans easily from the body, as it’s don’t foam at all I end up using more than required once but learnt exact requirement later. As it doesn’t foam, it doesn’t removes oil from skin but as I don’t have much oily skin, I felt its good as I don’t have to use moisturizer after bath. It makes skin feel smooth and soft and helps me in avoiding dry and parched skin(Without using moisturizer, feels like a bliss)
Its a must have for sensitive, normal and mild oily skin but if you have very oily skin it may not be able to satisfy you (but still you never know, so give it a try and experience yourself)
Epiplus Lotion is packaged in a white tube with black flip cap tube. It’s an attractive packaging and has a glossy look. Again it’s totally travel-friendly and is completely leak proof just like Cutishine Facewash.
What I Like:
1. Cleanse Well (Removes dirt and sweat easily)
2. SLES Free.
3. Fragrance Free.
4. Best Suited for sensitive skin.
5. Travel friendly packaging.
What I don’t like :
Nothing. Its a much loved product for me as I have a very sensitive skin.
Verdict :
Its a best buy if you are struggling with sensitive skin. The product will keep your skin soft and smooth and prevents dry and parched skin very effectively.
I will rate it 5/5. Definitely a must have for me now onwards
Price:  180/- for 100 ml Buy here

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