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Product Review : Ethicare Remedies Sweatnil Anti Perspirant Roll-on Gel

Lovely Skincare hamper from Ethicare Remedies,which includes Ospis
Skincare Soap, Epiplus Sensitive Skin cleanser, Cutishine Facewash and Sweatnil
Antiperspirant Gel
 gives me an opportunity to experience
new products and fall in love with them.

Sharing my experience with another
wonderful product from Ethicare Remedies. Today I am going to review a summer
essential product that each lady should carry. Foul smell is a huge turn off.
So I always use long lasting fragrances. Sweatnil roll-on has a mild smell but
it smells so fresh that you won’t feel stinky. So here’s the product to keep
you fresh throughout the day.

Ethicare Remedies Sweatnil Anti Perspirant Roll-on Gel

Key Ingredients:
Aluminium chloride Hexahydrate – 15%
For primary and secondary hyperhidrosis,
palmoplantar, gustatory and generalized
What company says :
Sweatnil gel is
formulated with Aluminium Chlorohydrate which when applied locally, effectively
helps to control excessive perspiration.

How to use:
Wash well and pat
dry the area before application. Then apply Ethicare Sweatnil Anti-Perspirant
Roll-on directly on affected areas like palm, foot, underarms etc. Allow the
product to dry out completely.
Texture :
It claims to be a gel content but I found
the content bit runny. It’s transparent and takes time to dry completely.
My Experience :
Ethicare Sweatnil
Anti-Perspirant Gel
 does a good job of
preventing excessive sweating, which is common during summers. It has Aluminium Chlorohydrate that is a perspiration control
agent. However, excessive sweating is something related to internal health
mostly, and cannot really be prevented by any external product. Being a
typical roll on its easy to apply. The consistency is liquid-y/gel.  The
anti persparent has a mild yet fresh smell, It applies easily and takes a
few minutes to dry. It forms a thin transparent film on the underarms. It
doesn’t stain clothes or transfer. It controls sweat and odor upto 5-6 hrs
Ethicare Sweatnil Roll-on comes in a light
blue colored outer cardboard packaging. Inside is a mini thick round wand with
a white screw cap. It has a roll-on applicator which is easy to use. Overall
the packaging is decent and simple.
What I Like:
1. Keeps you smelling fresh all day long
2. Easy to apply
3. Lasts very long
4. Travel friendly
5. Reduces sweating
6. Doesn’t stain clothes
What I don’t like:

1. More of liquid consistency.
2. Takes time to dry out completely
Verdict :
Sweatnil Anti Perspirant Gel  is a
product I recommend in this scorching summer. It is ok to sweat but a product
like this will help in keeping the underarm area dry plus it controls body
odour what more would you want. I really like this product and highly recommend
it to all. If you want fresh smelling underarms all day long then do give it a
try. It won’t disappoint you.
I will rate it 4.5/5.
Definitely a must have for me now onwards

Price:  170/- for 100 ml Buy here. Also available on
flipkart, shopclues

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