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Book Review – Destiny Of Shattered Dreams By Nilesh Rathod

Destiny Of Shattered Dreams 

Author : Nilesh Rathod
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Rupa Publications

Book Cover : 

Designed by Mugdha Sadhwani. A beautiful amalgamation of colors shows dreams and crack represents shattered. In whole it represents the book’s title “Destiny Of Shattered Dreams” perfectly.

Book’s Epigram :
The story is about the professional and personal journey of Atul Malhotra, how he gone through the different aspects of business where he was forced to incorporate the politicians and invest their black money. His married life which was already been through the bad phase and got more disturbed due to these engagements. The story begins in the prison where Atul was found guilty and sentenced few years in prison. There he shares his cell with two other prisoners and they share their stories with each other. Atul has been shown a very strong character who had made a big empire of billion dollars. He has also been awarded as youngest entrepreneur award as well. He is very smart and prudent about official issues and tackling them. His problem started when he join the telecom minister and was forced to invest his black money of 20,000 crore in his business and offer him a partnership of 25%, in turn the minister does some favors to promote his company. Later he got an offer from Finance Minister and that deal he find more suitable and accepted that. How the black money travel across the nations and how it was invested via different means is been shown in the novel. The influence and grasp on those minute point shown strongly from writer’s end as he himself is an owner of the company. How Atul gone through the ED crisis and other corporate related problems shown very well in the novel. 

Parallel to this how the Atul’s married life was affected that he already considered almost finish and did nothing to tackle. He became a father but stuck on some murder incident that caused him late to attend his wife and later becomes one of the reason of his divorce. How a chemical factory in Uttar Pradesh is a favorite destination to settle the murders is very well described. Writer has not left any story trace unattended anywhere in the book, he addressed the whole story, which is very positive and impressive attribute of the author.

My Critique:
The book is nicely written and to the point. The story has a flow that keeps you with itself. The book is written in multiple chapters and every chapter is appropriately lengthy. Initial part of the book discuss a lot of investment figures and other planning which is a bit difficult to understand for those who don’t understand the corporate culture. But later the story gears up and multiple incidents started and the reader becomes one with them. End part of the book is also very important, the writer has shown the emotional aspect of the character very well. This portion is really very touching and you feel pity on the character. From the writing style the author has shown his command not only on corporate activities but emotional and relational perspective as well and that too very strong. The book is very well written and very precise according to the story. Undoubtedly this book is worth reading and will add charm to your personal library.

Rating : 4 / 5

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                  Paperback : ₹170/-

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