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Celebrating Our Friendship With “Yaroon Ki Baraat”

A real
friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out – Walter

quote always stand true in my life. My friends are always by my side when
others are not. Nothing better than friendship can happen in your life and my
life is always full of lovely friends. There are some I spend most beautiful
times of my life, some with whom I have done many mischief’s, some I haven’t met
or even being on call for long but still they can recognize my voice over phone
even after 4-5 years, and some whom I never met but still we share a strong

things come in as sudden surprises. My best buddy in school ( we laughed
and cried together, studied and played together, get rewarded and punished
together, we stayed together as much as possible), left school as his father
got transferred to a new city with new goals given. We lost contacts and slowly
and gradually the memories got buried in loads of burden of studies to establishing
careers, returned back to my life with a arrange marriage proposal (Strange But
Love Filled Life – Blessing

And gives a new meaning to our friendship…

Grown Up, Well Settled,
At Our Respective Abodes,
Our Family Decided,
Marriage Should Touch Our Life’s Chords.

A Search For A Perfect Match Starts,
Time Files, Memories Fades But Our Faiths Don’t Parts,
One Fine Day,
A Marriage Proposal Rings A Bell,
The Name On Bio, Have A Special Story In My Life To Tell.

My Old
Best Buddy Comes Out,
Out Of My Memory Chest,
Reminded Me Of Most Precious Times We Have.

Fights For The Last Bite Of Samosa,
Or Last Sip Of Soda,
Those Two Seat Cycle Rides,
Back Seat Possession A Coin Toss Decide,
Hiding Own Homework Books,
Just To Make Sure We Are Punished Together,
Sharing Every Award With Each Other,
Fighting To Be Together In Team Game,
Going Mad Over Those Who Don’t Take Together Our Name,
Participating Together As A Team,
Moaning Loss And Celebrating Wins,
Studying Together, Playing Together,
*On That Day*

Being Together Like One.
That Was My Friendship With That Name.
Deep Thoughts In Mind,
For Our Upcoming Arranged Meeting,
And The D-Day Arrive,
I Can Sense The Same Confusion In His Mind,
Though That Meeting Was Too Formal,
And The Confusion Remains Unanswered,
With Our Acceptance, Our Fate Was Fixed,
And Starts The Period Of Our Courtship.

First Meeting After Years, So Many Unanswered Questions 

None Of Us Even Tried To Ask,
But Answers Found The Way Without Being Asked,
He Visited My Place For The Engagement,
While Going Through An Old Album,
He Stumbled Upon My Childhood Pic,
His Hand Stops, And Eyes Begin To Shine.
He Looked At Me And Smiled,
And Said, I Never Knew Here’s What We Are Destined.

I Was Shocked, But Super Happy,
Not Because It Was My Engagement Day,
But Because I Met Him Again,
My Childhood Buddy.

Now We Are Together For Five Years,
With No Chances To Be Away,
We Are Connected That Way,
After All We Are Each Other’s Better Half.
Nothing Is Changed In Our Friendship,
We Just Have An Addition To Our Gang,
Our Little Champ.

School Buddies Now SoulMates

We all love and value our friendships to the core, am no exception, that’s why
am waiting for Celebrity friendship celebrations for the first time on Indian
Television on Zee TV’s new show, Vivo Smartphone presents #YaaronKiBaraat co-powered by
Amazon.in and Brooke Bond Red Label, where they share lovely memories and
anecdotes from their lives, This time celebrity friendship will be put to tests
through a series of fun challenges and tasks.

Tune in
to Vivo Smartphone presents Yaaron Ki Baraat co-powered by Amazon.in and Brooke
Bond Red Label, on Saturday 8th October at 8PM, only on ZEE TV.

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  1. This is most beautiful love story I have ever read. Loved it

  2. This is most beautiful love story I have ever read. Loved it

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