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Book Review: Should I Hate Or Love By Kisnaa

Should I Hate Or Love
By Kisnaa
Author : Kisnaa
Genre : Romance
Publisher : Leadstart
Publishing Pvt Ltd 

Books Epigram –
who seemed to be madly in love with Aayan, was still trying to be romantic with
him. She believed that one day Aayan would marry her and make her complete with
his unconditional love. But perhaps she hadn’t listened to Aayan properly when
he said that Siya was the same girl whom he had lived since he saw her for the
first time, and every night he slept just to meet her in her dreams…
My Critique –
The author has delivered an emotionally charged and uniquely
beautiful writing that will capture your heart and soul. Aayan, Siya and
Samaira, main characteers of the book, are so real to me. I felt every emotion
Aayan felt, his smile made me smile, his tears made me cried and when he is
broken, a part of me shattered with him. He has portrayed love so well that I
realised I just understood the real definition of love.

I hate or love’ is the story of a boy named Aayan, who witnessed many ups and
downs in his life, He has immense love on one point of life and heart breaking
pains at other. With so many pains and breaking life scenarios, he never let
hatred overcome the immense love in his heart.The
story depicts deepest emotions which everyone can relate to, as everyone has
felt this at some point of life.

the best part of book is surely the beautiful pieces of poetry which will surely
touch your heart and soul. I book starts with a beautiful poetry dedicated to
aurthor’s brother, I loved that to the most.

My Favorite poem is… (P.S. I love this poem so much and read it so many times that now i remember its each and every word)


“Ye rimjhim baarish aaj bhi aati hai…
 Ye chaandani aaj bhi sharmati hai…
 Kabhi hauley se muskurati hai…
 To kabhi mujhe satati hai…
 Par har dafa maaf kar deta hu isey…
 Kabhi mere liye…
 Kabhi tere liye…”

“Ye gulaab aaj bhi mehektey hain…
 Ye panchi aaj bhi chehektey hain…
 Kabhi mere saath gaatey hain…
 To kabhi mere baad aatey hain…
 Par har dafa gungunaata hoon inkey saath…
 Kabhi mere liye…
 Kabhi tere liye…”

In this season of love, when love is all around, this book is surely a must
read of all.

About the Author :
Kisnaa is born and brought up
in Delhi. He is an Engineer by profession and has done his B.Tech from a
renowned college of Delhi/NCR and now pursuing M.Tech from MD University.
Writing is his passion. He started writing poetry at the age of 14. Apart
from books, he has a keen interest in cricket, movies and travelling.

Rating :
4.5 / 5

Best Buy : Best Price Available On 

Kindle : ₹122/-  Paperback : ₹175/-

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