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Rock Garden, Chandigarh – Beautiful Outcome Of One Man’s Imagination

Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of Beholder – This phrase is for Mr. Nek Chand who saw the beauty in stones, debris and other discarded junk and give birth to beautiful Rock Garden In Chandigarh.

25 acres of land converted into a sculpture garden is fantastic. When you enter the garden, you can feel the magic of one Man’s imagination.

From concrete and steel drums to light switches, broken bathroom sinks and bicycle frames each and every product marked as junk is converted into beautiful sculpture. Beautiful dancing girls made of broken bangles is one of the brightest highlight.

When I visited, Rock Garden, I was enchanted with the beauty of the garden. At first glimpse, I get so mesmerised that I event won’t notice that it’s all junk converted into beauty.

Beautiful Rock Garden is perfect example of Best Out Of Waste and is surely a must visit whenever you visit Chandigarh. The lush green vicinity, with artificially made beautiful waterfalls with beautiful sculptures is a bliss to watch and enjoy.  Don’t forget to enjoy the long swings inside.

Here’s a few glimpse of beautiful Rock Garden from my camera 🙂

So, next time you are visiting or passing by Chandigarh. Do visit Rock Garden. 

Two more beautiful captures by me, though not from Rock Garden. (Can’t resist to share the magic light and nature created together at Pinjore Garden, Pinjore ) 

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