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Little Nayan Turn Into Excavator

 I Am An Excavator, Hey Dirt, See You Later, I Am An Excavator

My son’s love for construction vehicles especially Excavator is forever. He plays with them, even his story time is all about construction vehicles in action.

So when my son had a Show And Tell Competition in his school, where they need to talk and enact like something they love. For me its an Excavator.

My son is die hard fan of excavator song on a youtube channel.  My 3.5years old boy just keep singing it. To enact like an Excavator, he needs to dress like one..

So mommy and daddy turned an amazon box to excavator. It was a lot of imagination, hard-work and time that results into the perfect output needed.

Things I Used :

Amazon Box, Yellow and black chart paper, loads of fevicol, black tape and black satin ribbon

How Its Made :

We made it in parts.

1- body, for which used amazon box main body and removed the sides and covered it with yellow chart properly and designed with black tape

2- Tracks, my son is very precise that excavator runs on tracks and hence we cut the box sides in desired shape, covered it with black chart and designed with yellow chart n black tape.

3. Arm and bucket – we used the sides of the cardboard to make the desired shapes, covered with yellow chart and designed and strengthened with black tape.

Its was a big effort but every bit of it was loved when I saw my son performing on stage and everyone appreciating his and ours efforts.

Motherhood surely makes you feel proud when you see you little one grow and these little success value alot. Also every day make you learn something new.

With my son’s competition, I learned a new lesson of creativity and learned how allowing my son choose and be free in is space made me more proud. Personal space is a must for kids development and for its creativity to bloom.

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  1. so precious and well-done momma, I can imagine that is some work! how much did it take in total?

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