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Book Review – One Enduring Lesson By Jamal Merchant


One Enduring Lesson

Author : Jamal Merchant
Genre : Literature & Fiction
Publisher : Rupa Publications India 

Book Blurb – ‘Give me your money, or I will kill you!’
‘Please…’ I gasped. ‘I’ve come from England to study!’
‘Well, let this be your first lesson, English boy…’

Eager to start a new phase in life, Rahul Saxena, 27, a half-Indian British citizen, recently out of job and rejected in love, lands in Mumbai from London to study filmmaking. But little does he know that Mumbai, the city of dreams, will turn his life inside out. From the dark corners of the streets as a professional rat killer to the vermin-infested confines of a jail, from shady dance clubs to the homes of Mumbai’s rich women where he is paid to provide pleasure—fate takes him on a roller-coaster ride that challenges his very will and determination to survive. When his secret life threatens to destroy even the love that he finds, Rahul seeks recourse in spirituality. Inspired by India’s synergetic religious traditions, Rahul fights back internal and external demons to write his own destiny.

One Enduring Lesson is a tale of the undying human spirit of survival against all odds.

Book Epigram – The book ‘One Enduring Lesson’ is an outcome of the fiction, marvelously done by the author ‘Jamal Merchant’. He has weaved a beautiful story which contains love, suspense, compassion and a lot more to describe the story well. The story is about a boy Rahul, his difficulties and the calls he take to overcome these difficulties. His journey in the book is full of ups and downs and surprises. The author has portrayed the religions and relations from his core understanding without differentiating or comparing them with each other, which has added aroma to the story. The writer has very strong command over writing. Different chapters in the story are to the point and given optimum stretch. I really find this book nice, clean, interesting and filled with many other reading qualities that a reader actually looking for in any good book.

 My Critique – This book is about the story of its main character Rahul and different turns which his life takes with time. Initial hardship phase of Rahul is extracted really well. Religion is not a problem if it is not problem with the person itself, proved well throughout the book. A person can get the solution from anywhere, all he/ she needs is just to keep himself open and receptive for the positive thoughts. The story line is very strong and possesses you with its flow. It also binds you by creating suspense toward the approaching incidents. The author has involved a lot of essence in the same story. Overall I found that this book really good and interesting.

About The Author –  Jamal Merchant came to England from Tanzania, East Africa, in 1972, and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1976. He then settled in London where he is now self-employed as a property finance broker.Jamal has travelled widely including to India, China, Egypt, USA, Canada and the Middle East. His interests include reading, current affairs, movies and cricket. One Enduring Lesson, a love story based in India, is his debut novel.

Rating : 4/5

Best Buy: Amazon – Paperback at Rs. 238/-

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