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Book Review: Kashmir 90 By Vineet Mishra.

Kashmir 90

Author : Vineet Mishra 
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Frog Books (Leadstart)

Book’s Blurb :
The story Kashmir 90 starts in 2011 and travels back in time accidentally over an animated conversation between two friends, Vineet and Shiv. The heart wrenching and the most unfortunate events of 1989 – 1990 in Kashmir caused the ripples which gave rise to this roller coaster tale that destiny wrote for Shiv.

Shiv Pandit, a proud Kashmiri young boy of their valley and a darling of his local community, who has the world on his feet after getting admission in Engineering College of Srinagar, starts his journey of becoming a man from a boy along with numerous other youngsters from all across the country. During the hostel life, he meets new roommates and develops a great bond with them through a few hilarious and funny events. He also develops a soft corner toward a girl named Maya from Kerala. The college life was like a dream for him.

In the background, the extremist fringe was spreading the lethal hate in the air of Kashmir. The hate bomb when exploded, shook the soul of Kashmir, the book biggest casualty was the Kashmiri Pandit community.

The college was also closed down and the students who had gone for a winter break could never return to their college!

Shiv loses his roots, his college, his cradle and his love. He finds himself at the junction of unknown crossroads of life.

This new path of destiny takes him to different parts of the country to rediscover faith in humanity, friendship and love. In turn, it brings along new relationships, disappointments, fun, thrill and adventures.

But the changing politics of the country, Ram Janmabhoomi movements and the Bombay riots create surge in his life and cause a chain reaction that brings him to a point where once again he finds himself in a situation where he could lose it all!

Will he again accept the fate and drift along or fight for his treasure of life?

Book’s Epigram : 

The Book’s name and its cover is quite different than what the actual story is all about. From the title, the story looks more about killing, massacre and religion violence which took place in Kashmir during that time. The book cover contains the burning images which also confirm the same. However the book is entirely different. The book addresses the relationship of a couple and their need for each other with time. The main story is surrounding near the hero of the book Shiv, who is a Kashmiri Brahmin. At times while reading, it looks something really bad will happen with the story but that never happens. The writer very smartly handled those points. Most of the story is surrounding the college life and fun. However the story is not clear about the love and other aspects. As a reader, thought-out the story I feel that it’s a one sided love and then at the end it turns out to be mutual which really surprises. Few incidents are well defined but few are really very odd which are difficult to digest.

My Critique:

At first glance, I didn’t like the book’s title as the title is neither interesting nor striking. From the title, book looks more a periodical based which is not the case. But a reader becomes aware of it only after reading. The book is more about quest for love which was started in the college. Initially the character Shiva resembles the ‘Casanova’ kind of personality but when he started to narrate the story then he is more like any other guy who approaches a girl with his confidence and good looks. The love achieving efforts of Shiv are shown as he is on a mission. Sometime it really bores. A girl who is not clear since the beginning about a college mate, all of a sudden started loving him just because he went through the bad phase in the Kashmir. Such incidents are really very abnormal. I would suggest to the author ‘Vineet Mishra’ to choose the title carefully and wisely next time. It’s a love story and a nice title could have been given to the book. Mostly people read interesting stories which this book also has but somehow the title and cover badly failed to do the trick. Overall, the book is average.

About The Author :
Vineet started his journey from Dehradun having done his schooling there before moving to Bangalore for his engineering from B.M.S.College. Having completed his engineering he joined the Corporate World and since then has been working at various locations in India n Abroad. He completed Executive Program in Business Management from IIMC and is also a PMP certified professional. He is presently settled in Mumbai and is working in the field of Project Management.This is his second book having written,Vinu, I am getting married earlier and working on his third book titled Twin Trouble.

Apart from writing fiction, Vineet Mishra has other hobbies including his passion for riding.
He is also a proud HOG (Harley Davidson Owner) and enjoys long rides.

Rating : 2.5/ 5

Best Buy : Best Price Available On
Amazon:  Kindle : Rs.157/-  Paperback : Rs 225/-

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  1. Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!

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  3. You are right..the title of the story is quite misleading from the actual theme of the novel.

  4. dear you are right with cover and with title no one can judge it is love story. with your review and story line . i came across the book is for love birds like me

  5. Seems to be an interesting plot. Thanks for sharing your views.

  6. You didnt give high rating. Still will read the book. And yes, the title is so different

  7. Books should be made with thoughts, how can they mislead yaar

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  9. Amazing romantic novel. The novel theme is totally different from the title. Great read.

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