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Little India Foundation.

India’s non-profit sector (NGO sector) has a new star. Delhi-based Little India Foundation, having carved a niche with its commitment has been working to improve the skills, education, health, artistic talent, and environment of underprivileged sections.The Foundation also runs notable campaigns to stop atrocities against women, girls and weaker sections as exemplified by the ‘Stop Acid Attack’ campaign.

The Team 

Little India Foundation has been founded by Mr. Saleem Khan, a young philanthropic who advocates prolific CSR action by companies as a way of giving back to the society. The Managing Director of the non-profit organization is Ms. Suman Arya, an artist of repute with many art exhibitions to her credit and hails from a family of Army officers.

Active in Many Domains

Little India Foundation’s activities are designed to serve as a balm like effect to the conditions of the destitute population. As the MD, Suman takes special care in reaching the foundation’s positive work to the lives of the poor. According to the Founder, the foundation is inspired by the quote “We Can and We Will.”

One Good Deed Every Day

Suman believes that promoting youth, girl child and the underprivileged sections are the sure pathways to usher in a bright future for the country. The motto of Little India Foundation is ‘Do at least One Good Act a Day, which the MD explains as not about donating money but also encompass deeds that share and express love, care and happiness to the world.

Portfolio of Active Work

The foundation has already expanded its activities in many domains that include food distribution, talent grooming, environment, poverty eradication, healthcare, education, women empowerment aimed at mitigating the hardship of the neglected sections of the society. The multifarious activities have raised the visibility of Little India Foundation tremendously. It has lined up more initiatives for ameliorating the living conditions of the poor.

Nirvana 2018 at Safdarjung Medical College

Highlighting the foundation’s activity in empowering and encouraging youth, Little India Foundation stepped in as a sponsor of the arts festival NIRVANA 2018.  The arts festival of medical colleges held at Safdarjung VMMC Medical College in New Delhi was significant for its diversity.

The crowning ceremony of Mr and Miss Nirvana 2018 on 13 April 2018 were a big tribute to the zeal and role of youth in nation building, arts, and social development.  Nirvana 2018 witnessed massive participation by medical students as they displayed great talent, skill, and intelligence as budding doctors in enriching the society.

The event was judged by Suman Arya, MD Little India Foundation, Mr. Uday Shankar, a well-known cartoonist and Mr. G Kalyan Kumar,  Editor in Chief of Diplomatic Affairs magazine. The event was also graced by the non-profit’s Founder Mr. Saleem Khan.

Support for Artistically Talented Children

The highpoint of Little India Foundation’s activities is the humanism it adds to the programmes. It has aligned all actions including fundraising initiatives with a thrust on promotion of grass root level talent.

The nascent NGO is particular that grooming artistically talented children in remote corners of the country is a social responsibility as they are deprived of the resources to groom the talent and showcase it.

Calendar For 2018

This empathy reflects well in the Foundation’s Calendar 2018 that brought together the works of hundreds of artistically talented people from underprivileged sections and featured their work. The foundation’s calendar for 2019 in the works will be incorporating many new artists of different genres.

Calendar Hunt for 2019 : Hunt for Art work across India has begin. Now they have got suport from various country like Dubai , Canada , Singapore etc most of the Indian artist who have moved due to career or family needs have come forward to suport the Annual Art Calendar Hunt. Dubai is managed by leading Artist Ms. Sapana Jain helping Foundation to coordinate all the Indian Artist Art work to enrolled for hunt 2019.

If you are an art you too can contact Little India Foundation on FaceBook or littleindiafoundation@gmail.com do submit your art work and suport the social cause attached to it.

Encouragement for Artist

The Founder Saleem Khan  and MD of Little India inform that more social activities are on the horizon and they will be financed by the sale and distribution of calendars, and accruals from donations.

Many art competitions to support artists from weaker sections of the society will be held. While a portion of the events will be in the national capital Delhi, the Foundation will reach out to other cities as well offering platforms for many deserving artists. As an artist, MD Suman will also offer mentorship to deserving talents to enhance their abilities.

They have come up with Free Art classes for underprivileged kids in heart of South Delhi. Rest whoever wish to learn art under trainers like well known face Mr.Uday Shankar and Anshu Gautam in Pamposh Enclave twice a week.

Pollution Mask Distribution Camp

In supporting destitute citizens in urban slums and overly polluted areas such areas near high traffic areas and traffic lights, Little India Foundation distributes free pollution masks to the needy.

Other initiatives include offering food materials to the poor, providing clothes and need-based assistance time to time.

Prominent Events by Little India Foundation

  • Support for Cancer Patients: The foundation sponsored a Painting Competition Organised by Rotary Club South West Delhi where Suman  Arya, MD was as one of the judges.  This fundraising campaign supported cancer patients and attracted more than 5000 children and their parents and helped in raising awareness.
  • Zee India Conclave 2018: Recognising the various initiatives by the foundation, MD Suman Arya was invited to represent the foundation at the ZEE INDIA CONCLAVE organized by Media group ZEE TV for honoring women achievers in sports.
  • School in Mewat, Haryana: Mewat is a backward region of Haryana with a low illiteracy rate. The foundation is now supporting the literacy drive in the area and extended support for starting a school. The stone laying ceremony of the school was conducted recently. Close to about 60 underprivileged kids are given basic education learning free of cost under LIF supervision. Saleem has a clear vision for settling up the school for girl child who are not allowed to set out of house due to various challenges excuse family give in Mewat Haryana today. Today they have 5 year old kid to 40 year female coming for basic learnings in school.
  • Free Food Distribution Camp in UP: The foundation also organized a free food distribution camp in many towns of Uttar Pradesh offering relief to poverty stricken street dwellers. This was done in collaboration with the DO ROTI CAMPAIGNof the Hyderabad based philanthropic organization led by Azhar Maqsusi and Saleem Khan
  • NIT Youth Fest in Delhi: The Foundation sponsored SAPTRANG– fest of NIT Delhi Govt College and Delhi International Model with United Nations where more than 5000+ delegates participated
  • Art Exhibition in Delhi/Chandigarh/Jaipur/Mumbai Art Gallery. Little India Foundation organised an exhibition in 2017 at Govt Art Galleries across India for promoting art and culture. The event had the participation 36+ Artists in the exhibition which had paintings, art works, sculptures, installations etc on display.
  • Arts Felicitation at Kurukshetra University. The foundation promoted the art works of the students of Faculty of Arts at Kurukshetra University in Haryana. It felicitated chairman Ram Niranjan for his contribution to art sector and the leadership in imparting Art education to the young generation. While the Chairperson Mr. RamViranjan supporting the cause with Art Calendar Hunt.
  • Promotion of Women Artists: The foundation has extended support to women artists thanks to collaboration with Worldwide Institute of  Grooming & Pageant. Each of the women artists participated in the Artizen Art Gallery event in Delhi was presented with gift vouchers of Rs 5000. Supported by leading actor / model Neeleshwari and Saleem Khan Worldwide Institute of Pegents WIP.
  • Campaign for Acid Attack Survivors: One high point of Little India Foundation is a significant campaign “Stop Acid Attacks” backed by acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal. The initiative spreads awareness about the menace of acid attacks and educates survivors and well-wishers in the society on their rehabilitation and progress. Laxmi , 32, survived a brutal acid attack in 2005 when she was just 15. She is also a TV host and has become a great inspiration for victims as she speaks up for the rights and contributes to the public cause of enforcing curbs on acid sales.

“Together we can help these sections of people to earn their livelihood and to live with dignity,” explains Saleem / Suman sending a message of hope. Believe in doing “One Good Act Day”

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