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Anytime Fitness – Your Fitness Destination, Mommies

Being mummy is isn’t easy,
Motherhood makes life a little crazy,
Taking care of your little one is your duty,
And one thing that you sacrifice most is your beauty,

You forgot day or night,
All You consider is making his days bright,
Your kid lake over all your choices,
If it’s about you, you ignore all advices.

I am not an exception to typical moms,
And later I realised I dont fit in the society norms.

After 5years of when my kid is born,
I realised my body is completely torn,
When I thought of starting my fitness journey,
I realised fitting in isn’t easy.

I started and stopped many time,
Until I entered ANYTIME

Nobody can deny the fact that, We moms undergo loads of body changes when we enter motherherod and every change in our body leads to many different issues. One of the most common after effect of motherhood is weight gain Every 7 out 10 moms gain weight during pregnancy and 5 of those 7 find it difficult to loose weight.

Does this mean, that they are not willing to work hard?

Loosing weight for We mommies is difficult because

→ We don’t have proper guidance
→ We dont have time to workout in gyms or parks because we are busy with one little ones
→ we don’t find a women or mother oriented atmosphere in gyms
→ With kids we cant have a dedicated timing for gyms and we dont get flexible timings

Every mommy Who is reading this must agree to above points.

What if I say that working out at your convenient timings in a friendly atmosphere is now possible.


Anytime Fitness, World’s Largest Gym Chain with 4500+ Gyms spread across 34 countries and all 7 Continents is a mother-centric brand the brand which helps Mother’s to stay healthy and reach their Fitness Goals. Anytime fitness helps you get to a Healthier place.

Why Mommy In Me Loves Anytime Fitness.

Open 24X7 – AF is open 24X7 in most of the locations going you aress access to gym at your convenient timings. So, you can workout whenever you are free and have someone to take can of your little one.

Friendly Atmosphere- The staff at Anytime fitness is very friendly and supportive. They make you feel good about yourself, and help you e get fitter to meet better version of yourself. With a friendly environment and carefree workout you never feel intimidated

Global Access: Your membership allows you to access the 4500+ clubs worldwide. That means whereever you travel across the globe your workout routine never stops and your favorite workout place never changes.

World Class Equipments– Anytime fitness is well equipped with best equipments and hence wake you workoutregime more fruitful and give better results

Customised personal training – In the weighloss journey it’s really very important that someone understands your needs, your goals and your body and setup a perfect diet and workout routine for you for great results

At AF, You will get a personal trainer that understand you and curate the best possible routine for you and make you feel difference quickly.

Affordable Membership- AF membership is quite affordable and pocket friendly and with amazing facilities the membership is worth it.

Membership benefits includes equipments likes treadmills, ellipticals, exercise cycles, free weights,racks, cable crossovers, kettlebells,functional training, pin loaded strength machines, personal training, group classes, 24-hour access, 24-hour security, convenient parking, anywhere gym access,private restrooms,private showers and much more.

So, What are you waiting for mommies, head to your nearest Anytime fitness and get the membership. Its time to get fit and stay fitter with Anytime Fitness.

#AFFitMom #GymForMoms #MomsFitnessGoals #FitMothersDay

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  1. This place looks great for workout.. I know we women feel intimidated everytime we start doing something and its difficult to achieve goals.. with such amazing place like anytime fitness.. I would love to workout at my own convenience and timings.. love the post.

  2. Completely agree with you!!

    Hormonal changes after having kids leads to weight gain and other problems, to stay fit and away from diseases we all need to do work out. Anytime fitness looks great place for moms like us, will surely visit my nearest branch soon.

  3. You have really well described all the mommy’s problem. Looking at the specifications the gym looks perfect for them. Really loved your post.

  4. Anytime Fitness looks like a nice place to work out and ensure fitness for moms. Joining a gym is always good as it regularizes your fitness regime.

  5. This place looks nice. A perfect for any mommy who wants to be fit after her weight issues. Written it so well. Keep it up.

  6. This place is really look well for a workout.. All mommies feel good in this place mommies should maintain them like you.. Gym is good for fitness. It maintain your figure and I really want to visit your nearest branch soon..

  7. Noor Anand Chawla

    I have an Anytime Fitness branch near my home. After reading your post I think I must try it out soon.

  8. Such a nice poem.

    Anytime is near to my clinic. I will visit it soon now.

  9. I just had a few sessions at Anytime Fitness and must say that it’s indeed a great chain for workout and getting fit.

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