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Summer Essentials from E Mega Mart

The summer months are bright and full of life. The summer months call for socializing with friends and family when there are long holidays. The summer camps or summer festivals or some cool summer drinks fests are on which cannot be and should not be missed. However, the fact that the scorching heat of sun can cause harm to one’s skin and hair most definitely stops from moving out. If the summer months are spent in the comfort of our homes amidst the air-conditioned environment the real joy of life is foregone. The charm of eating handpicked mangoes which are a eat delectable treat will be missed. Therefore enjoy the sun with taking all necessary precautions. There are several skin and hair care products available with E Mega Mart that will prove their worth for the harsh summer months.

E mega Mart is an online shopping forum where each product is hand picked and passed through quality check before being offered to the public. The products listed here are your summer essentials to stun the Sun:

Z Block Sunscreen
It is a non-greasy moisturizing sunscreen that protects the skin from all the harmful rays of sun. Z block sunscreen comes with SPF 50+ and PA+++ broad spectrum for advanced protection against UVA and UVB rays. It is enhanced with zinc oxide that presents the skin with the benefits of enhanced protection for providing radiant-looking skin. The best aspect is that the cream provides silky smooth, non-oily matt finish and velvety feel experience of sunscreen. Importantly it is chemical free and has no preservatives. It is non-opaque sunscreen that is water resistant and gets absorbed in the skin very easily, without causing any irritation.


  • Helps the skin to radiate, and do away with uneven tone
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Not tested on animals
  • Provides enhanced sun protection
  • Non-greasy
  • No irritation and highly water resistant
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Non-whitening sunscreen
  • Paraben free and Dermatologically tested


  • Needs reapplication after 3 hours.
  • 50 ml costs INR 699, slightly expensive but owing to the quality of ingredients that goes in its making it is justified.

D Wash Moisturizing face wash
A moisturizing face wash that is suitable for dry skin types as it prevents drying of skin for it is highly moisturizing. Comes with, vitamins, essential oil and butters that proves its worth by protecting the skin from sun damage and providing even tones, brighter and smoother skin. The best aspect of luxurious cream is that it repairs the skin layer by layer, thus giving even toned skin and protecting dry and sensitive skin. The face wash forms lather and hydrates the skin while cleaning it of all the dirt germs and dirt. The goodness of the face wash safeguards even the most sensitive skin therefore highly recommended by the skin specialists.


  • Compatible for dry skin and sensitive skin
  • Dermatologically approved
  • Brighter smoother skin
  • No irritation and highly water resistant
  • No harmful chemicals and paraben free
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Maintains the natural oil of the skin


  • Only regular application can grant desired results
  • INR 500 for 70 ml an expensive product but owing to its benefits it is justified.

Chocolite Scrub-
It has a fantastic formula that provides satisfying results of scrubbing dry and stressed areas like the knees, elbows, and heels along with good scrubbing for face and neck. The scrub cream works perfectly to remove uneven pigmentation and to lighten the skin tone without using any harsh chemicals, as it is non-greasy treatment infused with natural extracts. . It is enriched with the goodness of chocolate, herb, and plant extracts that penetrate in the skin to hydrate and clean it thoroughly. It works effectively to lessen wrinkles and blemishes. Massaging with the scrub tightens the pores and leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft without any dead skin.


  • Suits all skin types
  • Excellent hydrating effect
  • Makes skin soft and nourished
  • Absorbs well and cleans clogging the pores
  • No harmful chemicals and paraben free
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Maintains the natural oil of the skin
  • Great exfoliation
  • Suitable from head to toe
  • Attractive fragrance


  • Not a tan removal cream
  • INR 500 for 100 ml, expensive but worth every penny spent on it.

Hyalugel Hyaluronic Acid Gel
The perfect gel with hydration properties that is suitable for all oily skin. Nourishes and hydrates the skin while providing the benefits of moisturizing and conditioning for oily and acne prone skin. Tightens the pore and makes skin soft and smooth like baby. Enhances blood circulation giving healthy glow to the skin. It absorbs beautifully in the skin and stretches like a layer on the skin to protect it from harshness of Sun and pollutants.


  • Gives visible even-toned and smooth skin
  • Suits all skin types.
  • Excellent hydrating effect
  • Makes skin soft and nourished.
  • Absorbs well and cleans clogging the pores
  • No harmful chemicals
  • 5 star rating
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Maintains the excretion of sebum
  • Gets absorbed easily in the skin
  • Non-oily and Non-comedogenic
  • Shelf life of 3 years
  • Contains glycerin and is Color free


  • INR 349 for 30 gms, expensive but worth every penny spent on it.

Final takeaway
Before signing off, it is important to understand that the above discussed products are the best ones available in the market. Thus pick up the best product for yourself and within a few days of use get desired results to stun the Sun. You can buy the products from E Mega Mart website.

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  1. Wow this store is offering so nice products. Will check them out for sure. Any discount going on?

  2. Oh dear that’s awesome and thanks for sharing the review i would love to buy from e mega mart. So is this good for all skin types

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  4. I always look for chemical free products and would like to try The sunscreen with SPF 50 from e-mega-mart. thanks for sharing a detailed review.

  5. I have never heard of E Mega Mart before and I don’t know that they have so many good quality products. Thank you for introducing EMM to me. I will try them and let you know.

  6. Noor Anand Chawla

    The products seem very promising. Thank you for sharing your reviews of them. I will buy them on your recommendations.

  7. Wow, this is a new product for me & totally impressed with the ingredients used in it. Yes, the rate is slightly expensive but can be compromised if the result is good.

  8. These are some really essential summer products from E Megamart. The Moisturizing Face wash and the Chocolite Scrub are two of the products that I really like.

  9. All the products looks amazing to try. I also have tried few other range from this brand.

  10. I really love the name of scrub- chocolite scrub sounds so good. All the products look good but are on an expensive side for me.

  11. I had no idea about this platform & these are some amazing products listed & reviewed. I think im ready to give these a try , so definitely ordering. Thanks

  12. Love their skincare collection.. Perfect for these summers.. I love the sound of the chocolate scrub for the face

  13. I’ve used hyaluronic acid moisturiser on my skin and yes it works so well on skin. Thanks for listing these products much needed

  14. I liked your product haul. They definitely appear worthy of a try. So good to be here after a while.

  15. Lovely haul ya and thanks for sharing about it!!! I am so looking forward to try that chocolatey thing… Looks so pampering.

  16. Wow! Even though we are slowly emerging from a lockdown, it is reassuring to see that there are a great range of products available for grabs. The availability of summer essentials from Emega Mart is making me jump out of the bed and go shopping.

  17. The product looks a bit expensive but the pro’s are so tempting. I might get one for me.

  18. Yes indeed, with right precautions we can move out to pick up the essential items. Thanks for penning down the detailed information about e-mega mart products. I guess now is the time I should switch to them.

  19. These products looks so so good, specially the z block sunscreen seems a must buy for this summer’s. Thanks for introducing this brand dear.

  20. I have heard of e mega mart but didn’t know that they have such an amazing collection of products and that too with less chemicals , i always look for products with less chemicals in it . This information was really helpful for me . Thanks for sharing it . I will definitely try these products now

  21. These products very promising , specially the z block sunscreen is must buy for this summer’s.
    a very water water resistant and Praben free.more over this product dermatologist approve.

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