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Top Free Marathi Movies On ZEE5

मी महाराष्ट्रीयन नाही पण मराठी भाषेबद्दल माझे प्रेम कायम आहे।
(I am not a Maharashtrian but my love for the Marathi language remains forever)

And my love for the Marathi language is because of my Maharashtrian friends and Marathi movie marathons with them during my hostel days. That’s why I just love Marathi Cinema. Although Marathi movies target Maharashtrian majorly because of the language barrier they have great content and sensible treatment to the movie subject.

As Marathi cinema is reaching new heights with movies like Sairat crossing the 100k mark, that proved to be a milestone for the success of Marathi cinema, it is being explored more these days with dubbing and subtitles and now Marathi movies are reaching more viewers through OTT platforms. ZEE5 has an entire collection of Marathi movies streaming for some add on entertainment.

Sairat: Sairat means passion and this movie justifies the name completely. Sairat is a love story of Archi and Parshya. This movie is an excellent example of a perfect screenplay. Characters are sharply defined, endearings moments, love and the local flavour of Maharashtra. It’s an extraordinary reimagination of a typical love story and touches hearts. Directed by Nagraj Popatlal Manjule, this movie takes you on emotional rides filled with love, laughs, cries, swoons and moments when you are just biting your nails out of curiosity. Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar played the lead roles in the movie and excelled with their performances. And the movie has addictive music. This is indeed a must-watch movie.

Mr and Mrs Sadachari If you love action drama movies this is a must-watch. A film by Ashish Wagh starring Vaibhav Tatwawdi and Prarthana Behere. The story revolves around a hot-headed, street-smart boy Shiva, who falls for Gargi, his best friend’s sister. Under different circumstances, they decided to part their ways. It is a remake of a very successful Kannada movie, Mr. & Mrs Ramachari. The gravity-defying stunts, the protagonist with oh-so-much swagger, and smart, over-the-top dialogues add fun and masala to the film. This is indeed a must-watch if you love a movie full of action, romance and drama.

Dashakriya is directed by Sandeep Bhalachandra Patil is a movie that revolves around the brutal reality from a village of Maharashtra where even the last rites were commercialized. Featuring Manoj Joshi, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Arya Adhav and Aditi Deshpande, this movie shows how even kids get affected when everything is commercialized because of fewer resources and poverty. On one hand, where the story is soul gripping, the characters are played terrific especially the character of little boy Bhanya is extraordinarily performed.

Free Marathi movies on ZEE5 has some interesting blockbuster and if you don’t understand Marathi at some point, you can read the subtitles to understand better. Other than my favourite three there are many more Marathi movies to watch on ZEE5. The best part of Marathi movies are they differ from Bollywood movies in terms of story and screenplay and that’s why they are an interesting watch.

मराठी एक सुंदर भाषा आहे आणि मराठी चित्रपटात आपल्या हृदयाला स्पर्श करण्यासाठी काही आश्चर्यकारक चित्रपट आहेत।
(Marathi is a beautiful language and Marathi cinema has amazing movies to touch your heart.)

संधी गमावू नका, ZEE5 वर अप्रतिम मराठी चित्रपट पहा।
(Don’t miss the opportunity, watch awesome marathi movies on ZEE5)

मराठी सिनेमा पहात रहा।।।

Users can access the entire ZEE5 content library on 5 screens simultaneously. Get ZEE5 subscription today and enjoy binge-watching. You can also download the latest version of ZEE5 App from the Android Play Store.

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  1. Dont follow Marathi cinema but this looks a wonderful collection which ZEE5 is offering. Have heard Sairat is good, a hindi movie is based on it.

  2. Zee5 has a great content. Not only in english but in almost all the regional languages. It has been a great source of entertainment in this pandemic.

  3. Noor Anand Chawla

    It is so nice that mainstream TV providers are creating good regional content. Each of these suggestions seems really nice.

  4. Surely going to pass this amazing news to all my Marathi friends so they can take the benefits of watching it.

  5. The best thing about Zee5 is that they offer such a wide range of content including good content in regional languages too. The Marathi movies seem really good.

  6. I like watching Marathi movies. This is a very nice list will considering watching it soon.

  7. zee5 has really amazing content when it comes to the regional language. I personally love watching movies when I’m free. And yes, the web series is so good.

  8. I’m also hooked onto ZEE5 for all my entertainment binge watching. The vest part is it has great content even for regional language watchers.
    Best out of rest.And i too understand marathi so do watch these at times

  9. I love that zee5 offers up a good collections of regional movies ..i love watching good ones.. Will give some of these a try

  10. I think sairat is the remake of movie Dhadak. Heard a lot of positive reviews about it. Indeed Marathi cinema has amazing classic collection

  11. I have stayed in pune for 9 years and love Marathi films. Will surely check out the collection on ZEE5

  12. I am a Marathi and watch Marathi movies regularly on Zee5… Always nice to watch mother tongue shows …

  13. A really nice list f movies .. I don’t understand Marathi but seems like great movies.

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