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Recipes with good nutrition that help to live well with diabetes

A well-balanced diet with the right proportion of all important nutrients is a healthy diet. Consuming a healthy diet prevents the onset of diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and many more.[¹] Nutrition plays a crucial role in our lifestyle and to stay healthy.

When one of my family members was diagnosed with diabetes, I consulted many doctors and did my research about the same and I realized that the right nutrition can help in treating and managing diabetes. A well balanced and monitored diet along with physical activity keeps the blood sugar in check. It can also prove beneficial in keeping the risk of heart attack and kidney failure at bay.


There are several recipes for diabetes in India that help in the journey of fighting against diabetes while making sure you don’t have to abstain from your favorite foods. With lots of trials, I found a few recipes loved by everyone in the family and containing the right nutrition. I am sharing my 3 favorites here.[²]

I. Oats Pancakes
Mix oats flour, finely chopped vegetables of your choice, and salt with water to make the batter of dropping consistency. Make pancakes using the batter and use olive oil for cooking. Serve hot with chutney. Oats are rich in beta-glucan enzyme and help in lowering blood cholesterol and glucose levels.[³]


II. Spinach, Paneer (cottage cheese) and Dal Soup:
Mix Moong dal, spinach, and onion with 5 cups of water and let it cook till moong dal is cooked. Allow it to cool and blend into a smooth mixture. Then add salt, pepper, butter, paneer and boil it. Serve hot. This soup contains, protein and fiber and hence is good for diabetes.[⁴]

III. Buttermilk/Chaas
Mix low-fat curd, salt, and water and whisk well. Add cumin powder for added flavor. It soothes the digestive tract and can be consumed with every meal.[⁵]

In addition to these, there are supplements that help in controlling diabetes with the help of easy inclusion of these nutrients in the diet. The best available supplement in the market is #EnsureDiabetesCare. Ensure Diabetes Care can be added as a supplement to a healthy diet as it helps you to control sugar levels.

You can tweak the above recipes or even traditional desserts like kheer or sheera by adding a scoop or two of Ensure Diabetes Care. It enhances the taste of the food and provides additional nutrients as well. It’s a win-win if you ask me!

There is no shortcut to good health and opting for healthy recipes can do the trick of getting healthy without compromising on the taste.

It is a myth that we need to eat tasteless and boring food to get fit and live a healthy life. Rather only with a few changes and inclusion of Ensure Diabetes Care in your diet, one can control blood sugar levels effectively.


[²] https://ensureindia.in/recipes

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  1. Never know these recipes can help in keeping blood sugar on check. It is very important. Ensure does help in controlling the sugar level. #EnsureDiabetesCare

  2. These recipes seem simple and healthy. Will try them out. Thanks for sharing. #ensurediabetescare seems really good.

  3. Planning a meal wisely while being diabetic is a crucial step to lead a fulfilling life. And including #EnsureDiabetesCare in daily routine is a good option.

  4. People avoid healthy food because that’s tasteless and boring but if one makes it interesting as you have done it in your recipes then everyone will try it and enjoy it.

  5. Oats pancakes are our favourite.. thanks for the information

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