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5 Must have products for new moms by Mamaearth

The charm and beauty of being a new mom is bliss. Life tends to get a meaning but then it is overwhelming also. Taking care of the newborn can be taxing. Thus it’s the mom who takes the back seat and forgets to care for herself. However, it should be borne in mind that a healthy mom can only nurture a healthy baby and family. Therefore, from my personal experience I am sharing the list of products that will help the new moms to rock.

Here is the list of top 5 products that will prove to be the Holy Grail for new moms:

1. MAMAEARTH BYE BYE BLEMISHES CREAM – Stress and lack of sleep shows on the face of new moms and as a result there are dark spots on the face. Motherhood is beautiful and so should be the looks of new mom. The cream helps in brightening and removing uneven skin tone and help the mom to glow with happiness. The cream is effective cream enriched with Mulberry Extract, Daisy Flower Extract, and Vitamin.

2. MAMAEARTH OVERNIGHT REPAIR NIGHT CREAM– A mom is on her toes round the clock and so is this cream. The cream works wonders, repairs the dull and tired skin of mothers during the night when she naps. Moms are busy all day and this cream when applied before sleeping in the night it will help in age reversal and make the skin soft and supple. The cream has the goodness of saffron and daisy flower extract that help in lightening the skin. It is paraben free and has collagen that adds elasticity to the skin.

3. MAMAEARTH ALOE VERA GEL– Being mommy is stressful and for new moms the stress just multiplies. The result is fizzy hair and dull skin. No matter how much we all love being mom and are goner over the little munchkins the stress is undeniable and an unwelcomed guest. With aloe Vera gel we can sooth our skin and also tame the frizzy hair.Aloe Vera gel hydrates and nourishes the skin and hair and is a wonderful anti-oxidant. It hydrates fro day to night thus there is no need to reapply.

4. MAMAEARTH ANTI-POLLUTION FACE CREAM– Pollution levels are increasing and its negative effect on our skin is undeniable. It is sad and depressing but the fact remains the same. As new moms we cannot do much to cleanse the system due to our packed schedules. Thus in such a stance the anti-pollution face cream actually works like the pixie dust on our face and rejuvenates it. It has the goodness turmeric that has proven benefits in brightening the skin. It fights free radicals and delays the signs of ageing.

5. MAMAEARTH NATURAL UNDER EYE CREAM FOR DARK CIRCLES AND WRINKLES- Being a new mom can be daunting and can result dark circles and wrinkles. As a new mom we should radiate the happiness that we are feeling and this cream just does that for us. It diminishes the under eye puffiness, bags, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. It has the cooling properties of cucumber and white lily extract hydrates and decongests the skin. The end result is beautiful shinning eyes.

Mamaearth is one of my favourite brand and it works wonders. You can check the entire range on Amazon, Flipkart or Mamaearth official website.

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  1. I haven’t used their overnight cream, but the most fav prod from ME is the Argan hair mask! It is elixir for my hair!

  2. Not used so not a fan of mama earth products but have used some of their baby products only. some friends have liked their face cream though.

  3. I have used some of Mamaearth products for moms, but none of the above. I liked their products, they do give instant results but not long lasting.

  4. I think not only new moms but all the moms can take advantage of these products. Thanks for writing.

  5. I had used mamaeaerh products personally and had a great experience with it. Indeed this is one of the best brand.

  6. Have heard a lot about this brand but never used it as we dont get it here,sounds like a promising brand as so many moms are recommending it

  7. I am using Mamaearth baby products , and I am so satisfied with its result, but never used anything for me, would love to try Aloe vera gel and overnight cream.

  8. I personally had a bad experience with one of the products of Mamaearth when I tried it many years ago, but the team was very helpful and refunded the amount for the product. I know many people who swear by this brand.

  9. thank you for this post, I have just started using Mama Earth onion hair paste. I think I will start using it’s face creams too!

  10. I have heard about Mamaearth products. In fact we are using baby toothpaste for my little one.

  11. You know mamaearth is my favourite brand and I am using most of its products. You penned down this article very well, thanks for sharing.

  12. Mamaearth has effective quality products. Will try the under eye cream.

  13. I have tried a few mamearth products a few years back. They have a good quality.

  14. Have been using mamaearth and like this brand very much

  15. I’m not a new mom but love to try mamaearth products:)

  16. This post is very useful. Will definitely ask my sister to try these products out for her lil one.

  17. I have their many products including their day and night cream. And their products are so great and also comparatively low priced

  18. I am sure these products will help many a new mom…

  19. Even I have used quite a lot of Mamaearth products and really like how gentle they are for babies. This is a lovely compilation of some of the products that can be used.

  20. I like their baby products more. I have used blemishes cream but it didn’t work for me. Another I tried one shampoo but that also was bad for my hair.

  21. You have mentioned some very good products. They are so helpful

  22. I’ve used and loved most of MamaEarth products for babies. They have been great for my son’s sensitive skin. Haven’t yet used any of the mom-products on your list, but sounds like I should give them a try. Thanks for sharing!

  23. I used the shampoo which wasn’t too effective so don’t feel that the products are good to use

  24. Mamaearth products are one of the best available and they definitely have great benefits.

  25. I have heard a lot of good things about Mamaearth but I have not yet tried it out. I am going to forward this to my friends who have recently become mothers 🙂

  26. Mamaearth is a great brand with trusted products.. You have listed a great product selection for new mothers.

  27. Mamaearth is one brand that I truly love. Theirr bye bye blemishes, Hair and face masks and the coco range are some of my favourites from the brand.

  28. I have used Mama Earth products both for myself and my daughter and we totally love them.

  29. I have recently started using their products & im loving them already & all your recommendations are going to be on my to try list. Thanks for the wonderful post.

  30. I love this brand, haven’t used under eye cream though. Would try.

  31. I’ve used mamaearth hair pack and it was amazing. Would check these out#dewreads

  32. Have heard lots of nice stuff about MamaEarth from the other bloggers & bigger influencers too.

    Will surely try!

  33. I love all their amazing products, especially the babY care range products by Mamaearth

  34. I totally like their toxin-free products. These are very good ones you have mentioned.

  35. These look like great products. I liked the fizzy hair product, will try that.

  36. Thats a lovely post. I love mama earth Products especially their undereye cream.

  37. I’ve used mamaearth products for my kids but no for self. I’ve heard good reviews about them. I need to try them out now.

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