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Parenting In Pandemic

Times are tough and it returns tougher for folks with young children. Keeping the fear out of our homes is getting more and harder in these pandemic times. We attempt to be strong for our youngsters but sometimes as parents, we get drowned in constant worry and therefore the anxiety takes control of our minds.

In such times we’d like to remind ourselves that coronavirus might not be in our control, but what we will control is that the anxiety virus that has crept into our homes through crevices of uncertainty.
Remember our youngsters need a secure place, a continuing within the sort of emotionally available parents, who will still be a shield protecting them from the risks of the surface world. our youngsters aren’t yet able to add up to the planet with its problems and are counting on us.

Children’s growing minds are still struggling to know that life has its ups and downs and good and bad times both have an expiry date. albeit we aren’t lecturing them about the state of affairs the pandemic is bringing, they will devour our anxiety, constant worry worshipping ways, and our negative vibes. it’s our responsibility to form our home environment such it enables our youngsters to feel looking forward to the longer term and not anxious about it.

So what’s it that we will do to form our homes freed from this anxiety virus and stop the cycle of worry?

Some such ways in which parents can try are given below:

  1. Keep reminding yourselves that worry may be a thief. It steals your energy. It causes you to lose control of your emotions and it spreads like wildfire. So you would like to stay in awareness and catch it when it starts taking the shape of hysteria in order that you’ll stop it from spreading.
  2. Take care of yourself as prolonged stress decreases your immunity. confirm you’re eating well, keeping active reception, and limiting news updates. Your media diet should include videos of individuals who have had the virus and recovered for perspective and balance.
  3. Get cracking, exercise regularly reception, and encourage children to try to do so also – Exercise helps in producing endorphins within the brain which counteract the strain chemicals cortisol and adrenaline. Self-isolation and lockdowns are stopping you from dancing, doing yoga, aerobics, walking up and down the steps reception.
  4. Check your negative internal dialogue which is making you anxious. Check what you’re telling yourself and telling others.
  5. Keep reassuring children, don’t nag, and provides thousands of instructions about the security protocols. Remember children address their parents for clues about how they ought to be feeling and responding to worry they’re getting from outside. they’re going to get to be reassured regularly that they’re safe, which the adults will do everything that they will so as to stay them safe.
  6. Encourage children to speak about their feelings and make them feel they’re on top of things. Keep checking in together with your children to ascertain if they need any worries. Do start conversations about what they understand and the way they feel about it. But confirm you’re not doing this obsessively. Anxiety tends to return from uncertainty – so it’s important that children feel they need control over it.

Try a number of the subsequent ways to form children feel in control:

  • Make a timetable of fun activities for these self-isolation times.
  • Making kids vitamin officers where they remind the family to require vitamin C and mention boosting the system
  • Have a Family Joke – Laughter time / Dancing time / Cooking-together time /Gratitude time scheduled in daily routine which may help uplift the mood of the whole family·

Keep the anxiety virus out of your homes as your children are counting on you to feel safe in these uncertain times!

My interview about the parenting in pandemic is published on Parentous website. Checkout the same by clicking here.

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  1. Parenting has undergone many changes during pandemic. And it was much needed. Emotional and mental health of kids is very important and giving required attention towards these areas is also very important.

  2. Well writing article and very nice information. I didn’t know about Parenting In Pandemic. Now I got it. mental health of kids is very important. Safety and healthy. Everyone will get it. Thanks for sharing and informing.

  3. Beautiful article it’s so refreshing and very deep and yet absolutely practical. As I believe in holistic lifestyle & believe in exactly same. Thanks for this beautiful share ❤️👍🏻

  4. Thats really a well written post. Parenting must have been really difficult and challenging during pandemic

  5. You drafted the post so beautifully that I promise to share with the parents with young kids at home doing online classes. Parenting turned really difficult and challenging in these days of pandemic

  6. Our anxiety could weigh heavily on our kids. They are already stressed. You have touched an important point and dealt with it deftly

  7. It’s so. Important to be calm and calm everyone in the house. Your tips just reinforce the need to remain sane in difficult times. Keeping the child grounded and balanced is so important.

  8. The Pandemic has been challenging in more ways than one. As parents, one is faced with multiple challenges ranging from the health of the child to their education in the altered circumstances.

  9. The Pandemic has truly shaken up the ways parents do their parenting. Not only did it added more stress to it but it also added pressure in tons of ways. Reading this article helps reassure me that I’m on the right track.

  10. Rakhi Jayashankar

    This post is a reminder about parenting. Or i would say the it sould be counted as the parenting checklist that we can crosscheck and assure ourselves

  11. Congratulations on your interview dear. Parenting in pandemic is actually very difficult and we need to keep a lot of patience as kids are also going through alot. Great views !!

  12. It is really necessary to be calm, no matter what situation we are in. These points are very necessary and important for us, parents.

  13. These are some really handy tips for a parent. I recently became a parent and have noted all the points as pandemic is not over yet.

  14. You have brilliantly jotted down all the pointers to keep the anxiety at bay. No doubt a deadly have taken over the sanity of our mind. Though we can’t control the virus but we do have command over anxiety issues.

  15. I have seen many parents, trying really hard to cope with the online needs of the kids. This article is quite beneficial for the people who are trying hard to understand the process of online studies with kids being home all the time.

  16. Congratulations on your interview dear. Parenting in pandemic is actually very difficult .

  17. Urvi Kunal Savla

    I am not a parent yet but i loved to read this article. It’s very important for all to know the value of good parenting, pandamic or no pandemic. Well written 👍👍

  18. I can see a well written and needed list for parents during this time.. though I am not a mother yet, but I can feel how difficult to handle children now, in this pandemic…many parents would be helpful for this article ..

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